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I just updated my computer to windows 10 and now when I try to login into my QuickBooks it tells me that the administrator needs to allow access.

Query: User has recently upgraded their computer system to Window 10. When he tried to access QuickBooks software an error message was shown stating that Administrator permission is required to access the software.

Solution: This issue was quite common right in the starting of release of Windows 10. Many users have upgraded their Windows Operating System to Windows 10 without tallying whether it was compatible with their current QuickBooks version. It is quite possible that the system requirement provided under Windows 10 do not match with that of the QuickBooks software. It has been tested that only QuickBooks 15 version and above are compatible to work with Windows 10.

Another point of concern is the update released under Windows 10 which might or might not get unified with QuickBooks software. If you are employing QuickBooks version 14 or above (which should be preferred as the versions from QuickBooks 2015 are the only ones which are compatible with Windows 10), you can garner support from Intuit to resolve the issue without any hassle.

Next trick that can be used is to switch IE on in Windows 10 as IE is hardwired in QuickBooks Software. For this follow the listed instructions below:

  • Go to start button and right click on it to reach the menu.
  • Select the option labeled Programs and Features.
  • In the new window, Locate Turn Windows Feature On or Off option in the left side of the screen.
  • From the list of option check the fields labeled Internet Explorer 11 and then finish by clicking on OK tab.
  • When asked restart your desktop.

This should easily help to resolve the administrator issues faced by upgrading the Windows OS to 10 without making changes with the software already installed on the computer. However if the issue still persists it is recommended to get connected with QuickBooks experts or call our technically proficient QuickBooks certified team on our Toll Free Number 1855.481.5335 or go to the website

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