Can I put my old data into a new company on QuickBooks? right now I am using 2020 – I am going to buy a new 2021 version to go with the new computer and the new company awaiting on the account…I mean the accountant!

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Query – Is it possible to transfer old company file and data of older QuickBooks version to new version? Currently the user is employing QuickBooks 2020 and is planning to buy QuickBooks 2021 version that is awaited by the Accountant.

Once you bring in a new version of QuickBooks, download and install it, the first concern of any owner is whether the old data will get transferred easily onto the new QuickBooks version. The efficiency of QuickBooks is that it can easily transport old company file to new one automatically and thus most of the time do not require manual interference from the user.

The first step is to download, install and then register the QuickBooks 2016 version. Next highlight, select and click on Open Existing Company labeled tab. Locate and open the company file which will instruct the software to select the existing company file and update it to the new version. The user will be asked to confirm and authenticate the upgrade of data to QuickBooks 2021. This authentication is required as once the process is completed, the upgrade cannot be reversed.

Authentication is confirmed, and then the software will update the file to QuickBooks 2016 version. As the file size will be large it is quite common for the upgrade and update process to complete. Now the software has been updated and consist vital old company file data within.


  • User needs to make sure that the backup process of old company file is completed before moving onto opening the QuickBooks 2021 version. Name the backup as per your understanding so that in future there is no confusion.
  • User needs to ensure that the backup data of older version of QuickBooks is not damaged or corrupted as it can lead to failure of update process. For this best option would be to use the Data Repair tool of QuickBooks.
  • Many users face issues in converting old version backup of company file. One main cause is the big jump of many versions, for example from QuickBooks 2020 to QuickBooks 2021.
  • When the large company files are updated, at times it takes a lot of time to get the process finished. User might feel the software is freezing, however, it is only updating the large file.

The above mentioned steps and warning should help to update the company file from older version of QuickBooks to new one without losing out on any vital old data. However, if there is any issue in updating you can connect with us at our toll free number + and live chat option on our website –

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