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Query: When I try to start QuickBooks for Mac a window opens up called Crash Catcher and builds a “crash report.” I also get a window with 3 options. If I choose “Ignore” the program will close, “Report” will create an email to QuickBooks , “Reopen” causes the Crash Catcher to start up. Can you help?

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Problem: Coming across any kind of error frustrates your work and thwarts your business progression. When problems occur in QuickBooks Desktop running on Mac OS, it becomes somewhat more troublesome since they cannot be addressed without technical assistance.

Crash Catcher Error is yet another error that users have to deal with while working on Mac OS based computer systems. The FastFix247 help-team is well aware of the crash problem and how to troubleshoot it. Follow further for troubleshooting steps.

Caution Regarding Troubleshooting of Crash Catcher Error:

Please ensure that you send the crash report that you collect from the Crash Catcher. Also, mention all the steps you followed before the crash error occurred on your computer.

Reasons behind QuickBooks Desktop Crash Catcher Error:

There are several factors responsible for the crashing of QuickBooks Desktop. The situations are as followed:

  1. When QuickBooks Desktop is not updated to its latest release.
  2. Damaged or corrupt QuickBooks Company File.
  3. A conflict between QuickBooks Desktop and other applications.
  4. Booting related issues

Resolving the Crash Catcher Error:

Follow these simple solutions provided below to ensure complete recovery from the Crash Error:

  1. Updating QuickBooks to its latest release:
    1. Go to your Desktop and open QuickBooks with Administrator rights.
    2. Now, go to the taskbar at the top of the screen and click Next, select Check For QuickBooks Update.
    3. If your QuickBooks Desktop is of an older version, follow the prompts you see on the screen of your computer.
  2. Checking the Integrity of the QuickBooks Company File:
    1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop and follow this path: File> Utilities> Rebuild Data.
    2. If you see a problem on the screen:
      1. Once more follow this path: File> Utilities> Rebuild Data.
      2. Verify the data like you did in the first step.
  • If you still face an error, try to restore a backup or get in touch with the Fastfix247 help-team to resolve your issue.
  1. Safe Booting:
    1. Exit QuickBooks and turn off the computer system.
    2. Hit the Power Button, now press and hold the Shift key and wait for the desktop to appear.
    3. Launch QuickBooks and try to perform the same action you tried to perform before the crash catcher error occurred. 

Please note that if you were unable to reproduce the error in Safe Boot mode, then it means that QuickBooks Desktop is directly in a conflict with another program installed on your computer system.

Perform a normal startup, if the problem is recurring, get in touch with our FastFix247 QuickBooks tech support team. Now, return to the normal setup you would need to reboot the computer without pressing keys. 

  1. Adding a new MacOS user:
    1. Go to your Desktop and launch system preferences.
    2. Go to the Users & Groups icon click on it.
    3. With the help of Administrator rights, click on the + icon and add a new user.
    4. Once more launch QuickBooks and try to address the same issue.

These simple resolutions provided above should resolve any QuickBooks desktop Crash Catcher related issue. However, in case you require technical assistance to resolve the error in a better way, we recommend you to get in touch with the FastFix247 QuickBooks Technical Support team on LIVE CHAT. They provide quick and foolproof resolutions to the problems concerning the working of QuickBooks Desktop at Mac OS.

You can give them a call at our QuickBooks toll-free helpline number.

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