The credit card transactions and errors that we are going to discuss here involve transaction for both clients and for self (for the user). A separate credit card mechanism is established for each client that he/she uses for business. That will be the credit card account. This is different from the one used in the debit card account. In the debit card account, all the transactions are to be taken directly in the bank account with the help of a check register. The same doesn’t go with the Credit Card account.

Renew QuickBooks Subscription using Credit Card

Here are some of the common errors:

  • When partial payments are made by clients using credit card bills.
  • You can enter bills to circulate debit balance 
  • Accounts Payable is used to enter bills for revolving debt balances
  • All credit card bills are recorded to the same expense account
  • When the proper reconciliation doesn’t take place with Credit Card account

Probable reasons and symptoms:

  • The payable account balance is comparatively high on multiple credit card.
  • Expenses are unreasonably higher
  • Incorrect bank account balance

Here are multiple other reasons you won’t be able to process debit or credit card transaction:

These are the steps you need to follow to process your cards using QuickBooks POS.

  • Invalid Credit Card Type and/or PIN
  • Invalid Merchant Account Number
  • Invalid Card type or Card not supported
  • Unable to recognize the information of the merchant account

There are some errors that cause due to internal server error, invalid entry from the employee or from the customer. The below-mentioned steps can help you identify the root cause of the error (s):

  1. Use key card information instead of inserting the card.
  2. To process the transaction, you can use another card. This can help you identify if the problem is in the card or in the system
  3. Use Multiple systems such as Merchant Service Center and/or GoPaymentClear cache or internet files that are either temporary or of no use
  4. Try to access credit card transaction on other computer or terminal.

For a credit card user, make sure;

  • That it is a credit card and not the debit card. You can differentiate between both use imprint design or logo.
  • That the merchant account is all set to go and properly configured so that the customer can process the account and card easily. Open Merchant Service Centre → Click on Account → Now, click on the Account Profile.
  • Electronic transaction via QuickBooks can’t be processed on American Express cards starting with:
  • 3785-7
  • 3787-3
  • 3785-9

Credit card process stops during QuickBooks update:

To renew your QuickBooks Subscription, it is important for the user to update their Credit Card detail in QuickBooks:

  1. Open QuickBooks account, click on the Product & Service section and then select the payroll service that you use.
  2. Now, in the billing information section, right next to the payment method, select the Edit button.
  3. Here, you will see credit card information, update it. Now, select save and then close.
  4. Enter correct information to avoid errors
  5. Open the drop-down menu and then click on Logout.

QuickBooks Assistance:

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