Query: Hi Jessica are you with QB payroll…I need to edit a paycheck that is not the last one.

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At times due to error in numbering of paycheck or need to make changes in the type of pay and hours worked, then the user needs to edit the paycheck.

The process of making any changes in paycheck of the employees rests on the condition where the payroll process has reached. To edit the paycheck following conditions and situations need to be kept in mind:

Paycheck not yet submitted to Intuit:

The first situation is wherein the user has not updated paycheck details to Intuit and is still in the middle of scheduling the payroll process. In this condition editing paychecks is quite easy as all the user has to do is click on ‘Back’ tab and make the required changes by following instructions illustrated below:

  1. Open the software, locate the required paycheck and then select to open it.
  2. On the face check – make changes for either paycheck number or date, if needed.
  3. Next move onto to the step of making changes through ‘Paycheck Details’ in order to either delete or edit amount to be transferred under Payroll items for individual employees like taxes withhold, Salary etc.
  4. Click on ‘OK’ tab once all the required changes are made.
  5. Last step is to highlight and select ‘Save and Close’ tab. This will bring on a pop-up window which will ask for confirmation regarding the changes made and ask to record. Select Yes option in order for changes to be saved.

Paycheck Submitted to Intuit:

The second situation is where the paycheck has been set to Intuit in order to process the payroll. Under this the user can make changes if the pay date has not passed by deleting and recreating the paycheck. However, if the pay date has passed, then the best option is to contact the QuickBooks Payroll experts of Intuit and garner guidance from technical professionals.

The above mentioned steps should help to update and make any changes needed in the paycheck despite it being sent out to Intuit for processing. However, if there is any issue faced while making the required changes in the paycheck you can connect with us at our toll free number + and live chat option on our website – fastfix247.com.

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