Businesses often need to update or upgrade or install applications or install new updates. However, when there is corruption in the service or it fails to function properly, the installation QuickBooks or the setup program may be unsuccessful to execution may fail.

In such a situation, Windows displays a QuickBooks Error 1601 for failed installation. Depending on the primary problem, identifying or resolving QuickBooks Error 1601 may be rather a simple task or could require a new Windows installation.

The error message will read:

QuickBooks Error 1601 may be caused due to the following reasons:

  • If the computer was not restarted after updating or installing files in the software
  • If there is damage in the Windows installer or has been disabled because of different reasons.
    The QuickBooks Error 1601 can be resolved by:
    1. Re-starting the Computer
    2. Re-starting the Windows Installer Service
    3. Re-registering the Windows Installer Service
  • The system is not responding or restarting after installing the available update of the software.
  • There can be multiple reasons behind disabled or damaged windows installer.

Since there are many errors due to which QuickBooks Operations can stop.

Here are the solution methods that you can use and get your software out of the problem once again:

Check Windows Installer Service, restart it:

  • Click on the Start button and then type “services.msc” in the search box (Don’t use quotes while performing the steps). Now, press “Enter.” The services window appears on the screen.
  • Now, go to the “Windows Installer,” double-click on the service list. Here appears the Windows Installer Properties.
  • Now, select the “General” tab. Now, click on the “Start” button and then select the “Apply.” Now, click on “OK.”
  • Now, delete the application that caused the error and then try to install the application once again.

Register the Windows Installer Service once again:

  • Select the Start button. Now, in the search box, type the “cmd” and then click on “Enter.” A new Command Prompt window will open.
  • In the command prompt window, type “unregister/msiexec” and then click on the button “Enter.”
  • In the command prompt window, type “register/msiexec” and then click on the button “Enter.” Now, close the command prompt.
  • Now, log out from your operating system and restart your computer. Again, try to install the program due to which Windows Installer Service had taken place.

To get a step by step instructions to restart and re-register Windows Installer Service, simply dial our QuickBooks support toll-free helpline 855 481 5335 to talk with our QuickBooks experts and get your error fixed instantly. We also offer our support through email or Live Chat Support.

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