Query: We have QuickBooks Enterprise, and just got an Error-6073-99001. How to get rid of it.

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Introduction: Hope you have been lately experiencing the Error -6073, -99001 in QuickBooks Enterprise Software Application? There could be a variety of technical issues that may be triggering this type of error.

This article explicates in detail some of the potential causes of the Error -6073, -99001 in QuickBooks Enterprise 2019 Software and best techniques that you can imply manually to fix this issue in a matter of a few minutes.

The Potential Causes of the Error 6073, -99001 in QuickBooks Enterprise Software Application

When the subscribed users of the QuickBooks Enterprise run into this error, they tend to see the subsequent notification on their screen:

Error codes: (-6073, -99001): QuickBooks is not able to run this business file. It may have been viewed by some other user as well…

This error basically is mainly triggered due to one of the subsequent reasons:

  • When the file is opened on a different machine in Single-user approach.
  • Whenthe file is placed in a network folder in read-onlytype.
  • Whenthe files are placed on a Linux server and making use ofbeyond single login ID to login to the common folder.
  • Whenthe file is accessed remotely through the software, such as LogMeIn, GoToMyPc and the main machine can see the user is signed in.

Important tip: If you wish to know more about the potential causes of this error, contact the experts of FastFix247 QuickBooks tech support team.

Troubleshooting the Error 6073, -99001 in QuickBooks Enterprise Software Application

Here are some quick to do steps to resolve this issue:

Solution1: Try to make use of the QuickBooks File Doctor

For this, you need to download the QuickBooks File Doctor on your machine and run the tool to fix the problem. To download and run this connection diagnostic tool, you have to follow the given steps:

  1. Download the Connection Diagnostic tool (QB File Doctor) on your machine from a reliable website link.
  2. Once the download process of the tool is complete, click twice on the qbfd.exe and execute the instructions to install it.
  3. The QuickBooks File Doctor can be opened once it is installed. There is a Green icon too on the Windows bar.
  4. Try to locate your company file
  5. Choosethe error code you are experiencing
  6. After this, you need to provide your password, and thenpressNext.
  7. Now, you have to pick the right Host/Server or Machine. Make sure you choose the right option here.
  8. Select one of the givenchoices, when you are requested to provide your company file detail:
    1. Yes: In case, you are running this diagnostic toolon the host machine then you should choose this option.
    2. No: In case, you are running this diagnostic toolnot on the host machine but some other machine then you need to opt for this option.
  9. Be patient till the tool completes the diagnosing process.

Solution 2: Try to fix the error -6073, -99001 manually

When the business file is opened in Single-user approach in a different machine

  • Exit from QuickBooks App from all machines.
  • Click onbusiness file on the Host machine.
  • Click on File>ChooseChange to Multi-user approach.
  • Restart all machines.

When the business file is opened in Single-users approach on the Host machine

  1. Click on File> choose Close company.
  2. Open company file again. Click on File>Choose toOpen or Reinstate Company.
  3. Click on Open a company file > Press Next.
  4. Choose company file.
  5. Click on Open file in multi-user mode> Choose to Open.

When file is placed in a network folder in read-only type

  • Open the host machine.
  • Navigate toyour business file folder.
  • Do Right-click on the folder > choose Properties.
  • Click on Security option.
  • Select the user name with problematic log in issue > Click Edit.
  • Mark Allow for Complete control.
  • Press Apply >OK.

When you are accessing the machine remotely by means of LogMeIn or GoToMyPC

  • Do Right-click on the taskbar > Click on Task Manager.
  • Navigate to Processes option. Confirmwhether all the processes are running in the usernamewith which you are experiencing problem.
  • If processes are under the username, reboot your machine.

If you are looking for advanced resolutions to resolve Error -6073, -99001 in QuickBooks Enterprise, feel free to get in touch with our QuickBooks experts of FastFix247 technical support team by calling on 855 481 5335.

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