Are you facing the error code -6123, 0– Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost when you are trying to upgrade your existing edition to the newest release?

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This problem could be instigated due to one or more of different types of technical issues that we will be elaborating ahead.

In this article, we shall be discussing some of the leading causes of the error code 6123, 0 – Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost and the best possible tricks to fix them manually as soon as possible.

Potential causes that trigger error -6123, 0- Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost are:

  • When you have tried to reinstate a backup copy straight away from a flash drive or any other detachable storage device
  • When the network connection with the host machine is not consistent
  • When the QuickBooks data file or software file are expected to be either impaired or corrupted
  • When several QuickBooks Database Services are functioning in one machine
  • When the firewall settings are inhibiting QuickBooks files from gaining access to the required ports
  • When the privacy settings of the McAfee Service is setup with the Web Bugs Screening selection which is conflicting with the software
  • When Windows user account is impaired

For immediate resolution, contact our FastFix247 QuickBooks tech support team to an instant fix for the problem.

How to troubleshoot error -6123, 0- Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost?

Solution 1: Execute the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool (Connection diagnostic tool)

To operate this diagnostic tool, you have to perform given steps:

  1. Firstly install the tool and then try to open it by clicking twice on the shortcut saved on the desktop.
  2. You will find your business file listed in pull-down list. In case, you aren’t able to see it then try to find it.
  3. Ensure to click on Verify File Impairment Only and hit the Diagnose File option.
  4. When prompted, fill in your admin details, click OK.

Further Steps of Solution 1

  1. After this, a notification regarding updating the file to the QB latest edition will appear on your screen. If you see then, just choose either tick over the file in latest edition (this will patch-up and update the file to the newest QuickBooks edition) or Patch-up file in current edition (this will patch-up file without modifying the existing edition).
  2. Proceed further with the instructions as indicated by the tool to complete restoring the information file.
  3. Try to restart your machine provided diagnostic tool doesn’t do any good.
  4. If restarting machine doesn’t do any good, then you have to manually fix the problem which you can see in the section below.

How can you manually fix the error -6123, 0- Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost?

Important bit of advice:

  • Your QB software has been of the latest edition.
  • Try to save a copy of the file locally when you are making an attempt to reinstate a backup or transferable version of the file.
  • In case, you are getting error while viewing a backup file with extension .qbb, ensure to generate a transferable copy from the actual file.
  • In case, you are only using QuickBooks program, don’t forget to switch off hosting services (Navigate to File >select Utilities >click on Halt Hosting Multi-User Access).
  • Ensure to reboot your machine. When you will do so, it will exit from any program that have been running in the background and creating trouble, again load the OS and re-forms connection with network.

Solution 1: Try to make changes in settings by yourself

For Single-user provision:

Important tip: Ensure to view your business file after finishing every step.

  1. Give a new name to files with extension .ND and .TLG
  2. Try to configure your folder permissions
  3. Transfer business file to another safe place
  4. Try to make use of the Auto Data Recovery Tool
  5. Try to generate a new Windows User account

For multi-users provision:

  1. Give new name to files with extension .ND and .TLG
  2. Try to again scan business file with use of Database Server Manager
  3. Configure folder permissions again
  4. Transfer business to another safe place
  5. Double check your firewall and anti-virus existing ports
  6. Snap Hosting Settings in QuickBooks program

Solution 2: Try to again install the QB software

Solution 3: Try to repair the potential data impairment

Smart Tip #1: In Case If QuickBooks File Doctor Does not work

  • Check for latest updates of QuickBooks Software.
  • Take a backup of files to locally.
  • Make a portable copy form original file ONLY when facing error during opening a backup (.qbb) file.
  • Stop the hosting if you are the SINGLE user of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Re-connect the computer.

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Smart Tip #2:Ensure Anti Virus application to scan a file belonging to QuickBooks

Verify the version of Virus Scan that you have installed:

A) Open your Anti-Virus application. B) Click the My Info tab. C) Tap About section and scroll down to the Virus-Scan section. D) Ensure that your version and build numbers are equal to.

If the version of Virus Scan on your PC is older, follow these steps to update it:

A) Open your Anti-Virus application. B) Tap the PC Security tab.  C) Click Update applications. Follow the prompts and wait for the update to complete.

Client Query: Yesterday onwards whenever I tried to pull my company file, I keep getting error code 6123, 0. My remote IT support told me to get a new version, I did the same, but nothing helps. What to do now?

Answer: Did you try to uninstall the anti-virus completely? In most cases it works. If error persist, just make a call to us anytime.

Contact For QuickBooks Help

Still, have not been able to fix the error -6123, 0– Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost? Please speak to our FastFix247 QuickBooks technical support team member now.

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