I am using QuickBooks Pro Version & Got error code 80029c4a

This error is liked with ‘loading a dynamic link library’ for QuickBooks Desktop.

In case, if you are getting above pop up error during opening a QuickBooks Desktop and an error code that looks like this as per image below:

QuickBooks Error Code: 80029c4a

Description: Error loading type library/DLL

When QuickBooks error code 80029c4a occurs and what are the issues user will face?

User will face following issues when face an error 80029c4a:

  • Desktop freezes and shows the code.
  • Desktop often crashes with error code 80029C4A.
  • Windows 10 runs too slow.
  • During update to QuickBooks enterprise 2019
  • Mouse moves slowly.
  • Error pop up during program installation, “Error loading type library/DLL”
  • Occurs during Windows startup or shutdown.

Steps to fix QuickBooks error code 80029c4a

Step-1: Close your QuickBooks.

Step-2: Press Windows +E to open the Computer window.
Note: in Windows 8, click the Computer tab.

Step-3: Click Uninstall or change program.

Step-4: Once QuickBooks is selected, click Uninstall/Change.

Step-5: In the QuickBooks installation window, click Next, select the Repair radio button, click the Repair button at the bottom.

Step-6: Click Finish. Your installation of QuickBooks should now be repaired.

Step-7: You can reboot your computer, if you get the prompt to reboot.

Step-8: Open your QuickBooks to check.

If you are still facing an issue, contact QuickBooks Technical Support.


Question: I unable to start QuickBooks 2018 due to 80029c4a error. The 1st error implies a corrupted QuickBooks file. The 2nd implies a Windows 7 DLL. How to fix it.

Answer: This error related to damaged Windows Registry entry. You need to locate Reboot.bat in the directory you installed QuickBooks in and run it. In case, if the REBOOT.BAT doesn’t troubleshoot the issue, you need to buy and install QuickBooks Pro 2019.

Other Issues Are:

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