Query: Fix my QuickBooks Error Message -6177,0. I’m getting error message -6177,0. Using QuickBooks Enterprise 2018.

Are you experiencing the QuickBooks Enterprise error code -6177, 0 when you are trying to open your company file in the accounting software application? FastFix247 QuickBooks Enterprise tech support team can help you fix this glitch in a matter of no time.

This article explains in detail some of the quickest methods to resolve the Enterprise Error Code -6177, 0 when QuickBooks is attempting to open Company file.

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What happens when you encounter Enterprise Error Code -6177, 0 when QuickBooks attempting to open Company file?

Basically, the QuickBooks Enterprise Software is not able to make use of the path so as to run the company file and when you try to open the company file at this point, you will see the following error message:

QuickBooks is trying to run this Company file. Before you can view the company file from your machine you have to first run the company file on the machine where the company file is saved. (-6177, 0)

How to troubleshoot the Enterprise Error Code -6177, 0 when QuickBooks attempting to open Company file?

Important tip: Before you come to a decision to perform the resolution steps manually, we would recommend to double check whether your QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software application is upgraded to latest edition or not.

If not, then please make sure you do upgrade your version before proceeding with any steps as mentioned in this article.

Option 1: Try to change the location of the business files to the local hard drive

To transfer your company files to the local hard drive, you have to proceed with given steps:

  1. Firstly, you have to transfer the businessfile from your dedicated server to the local C drive.
  2. After this, try to open the business file in QuickBooks Enterprise Software Application from your C drive.
  3. Next, you have to generate a transferable file and save the same to your C drive.
  4. Exit from yourbusiness file.
  5. Try to reinstate the transferable file from the C drive and save the same to your dedicated server.
  6. Exit from your business file.
  7. Try to open your business file from your dedicated server.

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Option 2: Make use of the QuickBooks Doctor File (Connection Diagnostic Tool)

To use this connection diagnostic tool, you have to download it first on your machine. For this, you have to follow the given steps:

  • First of all, download this tool from an authentic website of QuickBooks and then install same on your machine.
  • After installation, the connection diagnostic tool will open. If the same doesn’t happen, please try to find the green colour shortcut in your Windows taskbar.
  • Find your business file
  • Select the error code that you are experiencing and you will be prompted to give your login credentials.
  • Lastly, click on the run tab to start the diagnostic tool. After that, you have to wait till the time tool is working on the issue you are trying to fix.

Option 3: Fix the Enterprise error code -6177, 0 by yourself without making use of the Connection Diagnostic Tool

You need to perform the given steps to fix the error by yourself:

  1. Navigate tomachinewherein your business files are stored and exit from QuickBooks program. Remove the Network Descriptor file. For this, you need to execute given steps:
    1. Click on folder wherein your business files are stored and locate the file with an. extension .ND file
    2. Right click on the same extension file and select Delete.
  2. Make changes in the QuickBooks Database Manager settings:
    1. Go to Start tab and click on Programs >QB>QB Database Server Manager.
    2. Choose the Add Folder tab.
    3. Try to locate the folder your business files and press OK.
    4. Hit the Scan tab. The QBbusiness files will appear in the list of the business files that are hosted in QB Database Server Manager.
    5. Click on Close.
  3. Confirm if you have business file access authorizations in Windows.
    1. Navigate to set up folder authorizations to common business files web page to validate authorizations are set appropriately.
    2. If not, then you have to set the authorizations.
  4. Try to open business file and check if error still persists or not.

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If you are still struggling to fix the Enterprise Error Code -6177, 0 when QuickBooks attempting to open Company file, then connect with our FastFix247 QuickBooks technical support team on our LIVE CHAT or Call to Above phone number.

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