You can open 2 company files at once if you are using QuickBooks Accountant or QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. But any users while using the QuickBooks other editions may face the error saying, “QuickBooks already has a company file open” & if user want to open another company file, close this one first.quickbokos already has a file open

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Why QuickBooks Company File Open Error Occurs

This QB company file open occurs if either QuickBooks is set to “Run As Administrator” while the other program is not.

Easy Way: QuickBooks Company File Already Open Issue “Integration Error”

This happens if ‘Run As Administrator’ is set to QuickBooks when the other software is not. This configuration can be easily checked/changed by right-clicking on either desktop application icon and choosing ‘Assets’. You should check the box for ‘Run this Program as Administrator’ on the ‘Compatibility’ section. 

quickbooks run as administrator
Check QuickBooks Run As Administrator

How to Fix QB Company File Open Issue

  • User can easily check or change the setting by right-clicking on either applications icon on the QuickBooks desktop and selecting ‘Properties’.
  • On the ‘Compatibility’ tab you can make sure that you marked the box for ‘Run this Program as an Administrator’.

This issue could also easily be resolved by following the solutions that we are going to provide here.

QuickBooks is a software that ensures accounting in your business is handled in a best possible way. QuickBooks accounting software is widely used by various big and small scale businesses to get their accounting maintained in the most professional way. We will tell you how step wise you can get your doubts clear and how to get the easiest solution for the same.

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As you know that handling or working on QuickBooks is not a difficult task, with the basic knowledge of INTERNET and computer you can easily make the best out of it.

Steps to resolve the QuickBooks Already Has a Company File Open, Error:

Make sure that working session has end up: You can easily detect the issue by checking the working session. If you haven’t end up the working session the error may occur. So make sure that once you are done with the work, working session has been closed.

quickbooks no company open

Learn how to end the work session step-wise:

  • Make sure all the QuickBooks accounting software tabs are closed, in accordance with the routine process of backup
  • After that get the company closed which is highly important. It ensures that relational database also gets closed. It is highly important as you have to ensure that no company is left open, before the program is exited
  • Use exist directly in order to get the file separated from program with the data corruption

Handling of Data file

It is necessary to understand how important it is to handle the data properly and in professional manner. It creates the platform that proves beneficial for you to keep the company record secure and safe, that is the true service value.

Solutions: When You Can’t Open QuickBooks Already Has A Company File Open or It Is Already Running

Get the simple solutions that suit you best to work with QuickBooks when it already has a company file opened.

Open a QuickBooks Company file from QuickBooks Desktop instantly

This method is good during ‘folder permission’ issues.

Preventing the automatic opening of QuickBooks Desktop windows

Try to avoid all windows from opening automatically if several windows are opened in the Company file.

Rename the files of TLG and ND accompanying the QuickBooks Company file

Rename all TLG and ND files if the TLG and ND files that accompany the QuickBooks Company file are corrupted. The explanation is that renaming these files would help open the QuickBooks Company file.

Migrate the QuickBooks company file to a different location

If the QuickBooks Company file is located on the network drive, pass it to the operating system’s local drive that has been currently being used. If the local file is opened, try and fix the configuration of the network. Furthermore, download the internal ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’ tool and run it.

Inspect the QuickBooks Company File Properties & File extension

Inspect the file extension and properties. Ensure that the file type is a QuickBooks Company file with a 7MB file size.

Change the name of the QuickBooks Company File

Replace the QuickBooks Company file with a name no longer than three letters in length. Sometimes, it is important to keep the extension of the initial file the same. 

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