Query: I cannot convert an accountant’s copy or restore a portable copy on QuickBooks 2018. Getting “Error in reload.sql at line 41811. Sysbase message: The file is invalid when the disk sandbox feature is enabled for database.

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Introduction: Let’s discuss the QuickBooks Error in Reload SQL. When the user tries to reconfigure their computer or activate their QuickBooks for the first time, the user may face the QuickBooks Error in Reload SQL on their PC. As a result, they are also not able to load the license data. So we are going to discuss the exact causes and resolutions to fix the issue as soon as possible.

If the user wants to get more information regarding the error, they can directly connect with our Fastfix247 Enterprise Technical Support Team for the support. We assure to give satisfactory resolution in a better way.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error in Reload SQL?

This QuickBooks error is happened by one or more reasons:

  • Accountant’s copy or Portable is being restored from different remote location and file size is bigger than 3MB
  • Accountant’s copy or Portable is being restored on the PC network.
  • Accountant’s copy or Portable is being restored with the damaged file folder.
  • It could be possible that the QuickBooks installation has been damaged.

How to fix QuickBooks Error in Reload SQL?

This error can happen during the process of Accountant’s Transfer file. It was transferred and it can typically be resolved to reform the transfer file and send it through File Transfer Service.

Solution 1:

  • The user needs to open the unique Accountants file copy, which is created during transferring data.
  • Tick on File, Remove Restrictions, Accountants Copy.
  • Tick on the Box that indicates: Yes the user wants to erase the Accountant’s Copy Restrictions
  • Generates a latest Accountants Copy

Important Note: For directions on how to generate an Accountant’s copy, denote to the overview of Accountant’s copy.

All the above steps can perform by the user or this error could be fixed in the latest release for QuickBooks Desktop. If the user is still facing the same issue on their PC, it means that Accountant’s copy or Portable file it might be damaged. At this time the user can transfer their company data file to another location through a restoration process.

Solution 2 Ensure the user is restoring the file locally and not over the network:

  • Go into file folder of Accountant or Portable’s copy file is saved
  • Righttick on the file and choose the copy
  • Open their C: drive and generates the latest folder and rename it with QBTest
  • Paste the Accountant or Portable’s copy file on into the fresh folder
  • Now the user needs to restore the file from QBTest file folder location.
  • During holding down the Ctrl button, open the QuickBooks software so they are focused on the No Company Open window
  • Choose restore or open an existing company.
  • Go through to the QBTest file folder. Search the company folder file they open and copied.

In case, the user is not able to fix the QuickBooks Error in Reload SQL with the above solutions steps, they can directly connect with our Fastfix247 QuickBooks customer support team . Our professional team will give instant response to the users. Our support number is completely free.

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