How do I edit a text field in a QuickBooks invoice template?

QuickBooks business management software is a straight-forward and easy to use accounting software that helps in the smooth management of accounting and financial operations of small, medium and large sized businesses of all sectors. The software offers numerous features and tools to the user that automates the business process, saving time and money.

QuickBooks allows very easy way to customize the invoice template. It is very simple to edit the text field in an invoice template in QuickBooks application. You can easily insert fields to customize your template as per your requirements. In case you are willing to add text fields to your business information in the invoice template.

Follow the below steps to add text fields:

  • Click the upper right gear
  • Go to Settings
  • Click to Company Settings
  • Select Sales Form Entry
  • Choose Custom Fields
  • Three boxes with check boxes will be displayed
  • The boxes are the custom boxes that can be attached to your sales forms

It is not possible to search or report with these static boxes. Manual entry to all these boxes needs to be done. It is not an automatic process.

Text Fields that can be added to Invoice template are as follows:

There are many text fields that can be added to invoice template. It depends upon the business requirement totally.

Fields you can insert in Invoice templateDescription of field
ContactPhysicalAddressContact’s street address, in the regional format of the organization. Combination of all street address fields
MultiCurrencyDisplayMessageCombination of {{Default Currency Tax Message}} and {{CurrencyConversionMessage}}. Used in sample template.
OrganisationPhysicalAddressOrganization’s physical address, in the regional format of the organization. Combination of all physical address fields
TaxInclusiveTotalDiscountAmountTotal combined discount across all lines, tax inclusive
TaxPercentageorNameDisplays tax rate as a percentage if greater than 0%, otherwise displays full tax rate name
ContactEmailAddressContact’s email address


Inserting text fields to the invoice template in QuickBooks can be done manually that differs for Windows and Mac users.

Windows Users:

  • Go to Insert -> Quick parts -> Fields
  • Select Mergefield from field names
  • Enter the desirable field in the field name

Mac Users:

  • Go to insert -> Field
  • Click Categories
  • Choose Mail merge from field names
  • Enter the field name that you wish to enter

For more detailed information on editing or customizing text fields in QuickBooks you can contact QuickBooks customer support. The expert professionals will accord genuine information for all your queries and doubts. Also you can contact fastfix247.com that is an acclaimed QuickBooks consulting agency. It roofs well trained and experienced QuickBooks representative who will provide all the authentic information on customizing invoice temple in QuickBooks software.

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