QuickBooks, you need to solve a variety of communication and network issues. In some rare instances, this error can also be caused by some problems with the company file.

Before you try any of the solutions provided below, make sure that you create a backup copy of your company file.

Creating a Demo Company File

To test whether the problem is with the company file or network connection, you can create a demo company file and use it to connect with a bank. To do the same, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Open QuickBooks
  2. Go to the File menu
  3. Select New Company
  4. Click on Express Start
  5. Enter random information and select Create Company

If you’re still getting QuickBooks error OL-301, then you have a network issue or your bank account is blocked.

Resetting Connection to Bank

Sometimes, there are problems with connecting with your bank, resulting in QuickBooks error message OL-301. However, if the issue is as simple as this, then you can easily resolve it by solving the steps provided below:

  1. Turn off bank feeds for the account that is throwing the error
  2. Turn the feeds bank on.
  3. Once the connection is refreshed, try to perform the same task.

If you’re still getting the same error, then you’ll have to try some different methods to resolve this issue. These methods are provided below.

Instead of resetting a single bank, you’ll have to reset all of the online banking connections. To do so, follow the steps provided below:

  1. Click on Chart of Accounts from the Lists menu
  2. Click on Include Inactive from the bottom menu
  3. Click on Turn off Bank Feeds for all accounts
  4. Reopen QuickBooks
  5. Turn on Bank Feeds for all accounts

If you’re still getting an error then connect with your bank. They may require confirmation before you can connect your account with third-party software. Otherwise, you can get in touch with one of our technical experts at LIVE CHAT.

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