Do you want to know how to delete your data in QuickBooks Desktop and start over with new books. Sometimes you need to start fresh with a new QuickBooks company file.

The Answer is as common as the user cannot clear the QuickBooks Account if it is being active for 60 days or more than that. For removing the concern, the user needs to just delete their account or they can start the new subscription. It will be surely very useful for them, and the user will be capable to import their data with the QuickBooks Desktop file. If the user wants to get support from our side, they can contact on our QuickBooks Error 24/7 Tech Support Number. Or they can follow the below steps:

How to clear QuickBooks and Start over?

Before starting the clearing process, the user needs to understand below two conditions.

  • The data may complete the 60 days time structure.
  • It is older than 60 days.

These two conditions will tell them about the clear whether they will be able to clear their account or they will have to cancel their subscription.

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Solution 1: QuickBooks Data Older than 60 days:

If their account has been active for more than 60 days, then for safety purpose the software will not permit them to delete it. The cause for stopping their access to erase the data files for the protection of their company’s data, which is deleted by mistakenly.

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If the user still wants to clear their account, they can follow the below points:

  • Login into QuickBooks account and go into setting tab. Go through the panel.
  • Here tick on their account and select to updates their credit card details.
  • Tick on the subscription status icon and they will be offered with a link to cancel their present plan.
  • The user will now be offered with the set of directions. They need to follow them and their subscription with a company will finally cancel.
  • To generate a new account, they need to simply signup with the software.
  • If the user were already using QuickBooks Payroll service then they offered the same ID and password. It will be very helpful to get their bank account with the new subscription plans.

Solution 2: Company data is less than 60 days old.

Follow these steps if they have just registered their account on their account is less than two months old. In such condition, the user can follow the below steps.

Important Note: Make sure the user is not using accountants copy, as well as deleted data could not be recovered.

  • Login into QuickBooks company file.
  • Here the user can change the URL of the company they want to clear out too.
  • Here a warning message will be visible on their system, the user needs to choose Yes or No.
  • If the user chooses yes, it will delete their company’s account and they will be able to start from new.
  • We hope the user will surely found a satisfactory solution of their requirements.

Note 1: If the users are working on Accountants edition of QuickBooks Online, we suggested them not to pursue this solution in their company as they may face heavy loss. Here is what they can do is import a blank QB Desktop file.

Note2: Payroll users: If they are using QuickBooks Payroll or Full Services Payroll, they may get disappointed as the process may not work. In such condition, we suggest they need to delete the subscription and start the latest one. QuickBooks data can possibly be clear out but it will not impact payroll system and payroll data will not function.

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Here is what they may require to know about don’ts and do’s of how to clear QuickBooks and start over.  If the user wants extra technical support, they can simply connect to our Fastfix247 Tech Support Team. Our team will provide all necessary information 24*7.

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