Question 1: I have Custom transaction numbers turned off but QuickBooks desktop is still assigning invoice number’s used last year.

Question 2: My QuickBooks is 2022 premier 2 users. Why my invoice number is duplicated every time?

Question 3: How do i know to stop double entries in QuickBooks Desktop? I unable to fix duplicate transactions in QuickBooks.

The below-mentioned solutions are particularly for the QuickBooks user, both Desktop and Online version. In case the check payment or an invoice is sent to QuickBooks TO ME, it means there is a useful configuration setting given by QuickBooks software that prevents the information’s from generating duplicate invoices in QuickBooks.

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How to Prevent Duplicate Invoice Numbers in Quickbooks

Once these settings are enabled, if for some reason ME is trying to send a check or invoice already in your computer, QuickBooks sends a message again to ME that prevents the export and consequences for the item that appears on the page ‘ME Export’.  The check or invoice can be then ‘skipped’ in ME, needing no further action.

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The file including invoice data might have been imported twice into QuickBooks as you find manifold duplicated invoices.  Since the option “Skip transactions with similar reference numbers” was checked

  • FYI 1: The invoice numbers are created external to QuickBooks and integrated as part of the import.
  • FYI 2: Each invoice had manifold items line. Each of the items line was duplicated.

For QuickBooks Software Users:

Once in the suitable client file in QuickBooks is selected, find the gear icon to allow configuring the settings. From the Settings page, choose “Advanced”. And then search the bottom section marked “Other preferences”.

In that section, there are (2) two configuration settings:

  1. “Warn if the duplicate check number is been used”. Click ON for this
  2. “Warn if the duplicate bill number is been used”. Choose ON for this.

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For QuickBooks Desktop Users:

Preventing Duplicate Invoices:

  • Click “Preferences”, and then from the left menu, choose “Bills”. On the Preferences window screen, click to “Company Preferences”.
  • Mark the box that includes “Warning about the duplicate bill numbers from the matching vendor.”

Preventing Duplicate Check#s:

  • Click “Preferences”, and then from the left menu, choose “Checking”. On the Preferences window screen, click the “Company Preferences”.
  • Then, Mark in the box that says “Warn about the duplicate check numbers.”

Customer Transaction Number Preference

You can search the Customer Transaction Number options in the Accounts and section Settings in QuickBooks.

  1. Click the QuickBooks software Gear icon
  2. Choose Account and then Settings.
  3. Click the Sales tab.
  4. Click the Sales form content section.
  5. Unmark the box Custom transaction numbers
  6. Click Save, and then click Done

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Hope the above enough explained you with a necessary method to prevent duplicate invoices in QuickBooks. However, if you are still doubtful regarding the procedure, simply contact the QuickBooks experts.

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The QuickBooks professional has years of experience and training in tackling with a kind of problem associated with QuickBooks. They effortlessly identify and fix the error with proper solution and instruction required.

To Prevent Duplicate Invoice Number in the Future, you can Customize Your Accounts and Settings Preference.

If it’s a duplicate invoice, you’ll need to delete it.

how to prevent duplicate invoice number
  1. Open the invoice.
  2. Scroll down at the bottom and click More.
  3. Choose Delete if its a duplicate invoice.
  4. Edit the Invoice no. if its only a duplicate invoice number.
  5. Click Save.

Connect with Fastfix247 professional by simply calling a toll-free number. Our certified experts are also readily available for 24×7 on Live Chat Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I Stop Duplicate Invoices?

    Quickbooks has a function that prevents data from being duplicated.
    1. Select the Gear icon on QuickBooks.
    2. Click the icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
    3. Choose the Sales tab.
    4. Select the content part of the Sales form.
    5. Keep the Customer Transaction Numbers checkbox ticked.
    6. Uncheck it.
    7. Choose Save.

  2. Why is QuickBooks Duplicating Invoice Numbers and Invoices?

    QuickBooks features that create conflicting entries are listed below.
    1. If you switch to the new QuickBooks version, you might get duplicate invoices.
    2. You might commit invoices to your file multiple times when importing new transactions.
    3. In some cases, our users are manually entering transactions. This can lead to duplicate entries.

  3. How should I Delete a Duplicate Entry in QuickBooks?

    You can delete the duplicate invoice by following these instructions.
    1. Click on the duplicated invoice. Open it.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of it.
    3. Click on More.
    4. Select Delete.
    5. Click on Save.

  4. How do you stop double entries in QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks will automatically only show you the transactions it needs to, but if you need more, you can hide the second account.

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