In QuickBooks, you might want to isolate the specific section of the register based on the date/time and then back up the file. You can easily filter or sort a register according to the date in QuickBooks online. An account history or register lists transaction can be isolated /excluded/filtered for an account. Avail support from certified professional to isolate specific section of register manually without much trouble. 

Note: Some of the registers, such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, can only be filtered/ sorted by Date. 

Sort transactions

Default registers transactions listed by latest date. Nevertheless, you can isolate/sort most registers by performing the following criteria. 

  • Date: Based on the transaction date, Sort the list  
  • Ref no: Based on the transaction reference number, Sort the list  
  • Type: Based on the type of transaction Sorts the list  
  • Payment: Based on the amount of the payment Sorts the list  
  • Deposit: Based on the deposit amount Sorts the list 
  • Reconcile Status: Based on the reconciliation status of transaction Sorts the list 


  1. To verify whether you can sort based on the values in a column, check the column header. If an arrow up or down displays, you can sort/filter by that column. 
  2. To remove or add columns, choose the Gear icon in the Balance column and select the checkboxes of the columns  
  3. The Balance column only shows a balance amount when the register is sorted by Reconcile Status or Date.  
  4. If you sort based on any other column, the Balance column shows N/A. 

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Filter transactions

You can also apply filters to minimize the number of listed transactions.  

  • Choose the Filter icon. 
  • Enter a precise reference number, name or amount in the Find field to see any transaction matching. 
  • Choose a filter from the drop-down menu list to apply in the Reconcile Status, Date fields or date range, Transaction Type, and Payee in the Form and To fields. 
  • And then click to Apply. 
  • The register shows only the transactions that suit the filter. 

Avail advance support

If you are still unable to isolate a section of the register, you can always benefit support service from highly skilled and certified experts.  They offer a reliable solution for round the clock with essential instruction required in QuickBooks. Else you can straight away call Fastfix247 at Toll-free Helpline Number +1855-481-5335. Do avail instant support from them via QuickBooks Chat Support direct from the website.   


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