With QuickBooks, performing organizational tasks and activities have become quite easy and organized. From keeping various records to managing shipments, the software does it all for any business organization whether big or small.

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The most important aspect of the tool is the handling of data, including customer information, vendor information, and other details. There are times when a detail is added for a particular customer but then it needs to be edited or changed afterwards. QuickBooks allows you to edit customer information.

To get a demonstration of the steps to edit customer information in the software, you can connect with QuickBooks experts at Fastfix247.

Ways of Editing Customer Information

When it comes to changing the field or the value relating to customer details, there are two ways of changing or editing the same. One is the manual editing of the information and another is the pasting of multiple changes from MS Excel. If you have only a couple of data to be changed, you can go for the manual editing while if you need to change multiple values, always opt for the MS Excel paste process.

How to Edit Customer Information in QuickBooks?

Option 1: From Edit Customer window

  1. Open your QuickBooks software
  2. Browse to Customer Center
  3. Select Customer & Jobs tab
  4. Select the ones whose information you require editing
  5. You get an Edit Customer window
  6. Make sure the names are spelled correctly
  7. You can also change the transactional details, if found incorrect
  8. To change the address, move to Address Info in the Edit Customer window
  9. If any additional changes are to be made, move to Additional Info tab in the window

Option 2: Through the software

  1. Open the software
  2. Choose Sales\Invoicing from the left side
  3. Click Customers option available at the top
  4. Select the customer, the details of whom you need to change
  5. Click Edit in the upper right
  6. Make the changes
  7. Click Save

Option 3: Via the Mobile

  1. Go to the main menu
  2. Choose Customers
  3. Select the name the details of which is to be edited
  4. Choose the pencil
  5. Make changes
  6. Choose Done (Android) or Save (iPhone/iPad)

Option 4: Updating existing customers’ information

  1. For multiple customers’ information change, click Using Excel Transactions
  2. In case you get the Display Name list of the customers, Excel transactions will find the customers and update the information

Option 5: Create separate MS Excel sheet for a customer

  1. Prepare an excel sheet for particular customers with personal and professional details
  2. Select Modify menu
  3. Upload the sheet
  4. Map the name in the Field mapping screen
  5. Review the details and Upload

Option 6: Export data

  1. Click on Export menu
  2. Check the particular date
  3. Download the file
  4. Make changes
  5. Click Modify menu
  6. Upload the file
  7. Opt for Review & Upload

In case you are suffering from any difficulty while following the above-mentioned instructions, you can connect with the Fastfix247 tech support helpdesk. It has well-trained individuals to make you understand the actual issue that you’re facing. If needed, they are ready to share their screen with you and provide a demo of the steps you require following to edit the customer details.

Besides the technical issue, if you face any QuickBooks-related conceptual doubts, the technical support people from Fastfix247 are always there to assist you in all possible ways.

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