Query: The user has reinstalled QuickBooks on a new computer and the back-up of the company file installed now needs to fix date on QuickBooks payroll.

QuickBooks is straight forward easy to use accounting software that manages the financial and accounting operations of all businesses seamlessly. The software tracks sales, profits, generate reports, track inventory, tax preparation, budget preparation, payroll etc. Generally users face problem while reinstalling QuickBooks on a new computer and the back-up of the company file needs to fix the date in QuickBooks.

When payroll is run in QuickBooks Online version actually there is no option to change the date once it is created. A new payroll can be created with the correct pay period by clicking on the “+” icon in the top middle of the homepage and then clicking on “new payroll”. The way out is that you can delete and recreate the paychecks. The below mentioned steps will help you to walk through deleting the paychecks. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to Reports
  • Choose the All Reports tab -> Select Manage Payroll
  • Click on the Paycheck List.
  • Select the paychecks boxes that needs to be deleted -> Click Delete
  • A window will crop up -> Put a check mark in the box
  • Click Delete Paychecks.

Once the paychecks are deleted you can once again recreate the checks with the correct payroll date. Once the pay period has been selected it is hardly possible to get it changed.

For further details and queries you must approach the QuickBooks customer help desk team. They are prompt and responsive in assisting support through phone, email and live chat option. They help to reset your payroll and then you can setup the existing one from scratch.

Also you can choose that is a reputed QuickBooks Support Agency roofs top QuickBooks professional who are prompt and responsive in according QuickBooks services. They assure first call resolution.  Call to the toll free number 1855 -481- 5335 and garner best QuickBooks solutions.

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