Here is how you can schedule.

Easy ways to set up the QuickBooks Payroll Schedule.

You can use and set-up online payroll services. This way, you can get into complete details of payment schedules. 

  1. First, for all the employees, you need to select the payment schedule separately.
  2. Each payment schedule comprises the work period and the pay date.
  3. It is a date on which the employees receive their payment. The pay can either be received via direct deposit to the bank or via cheque.

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The time at which a particular work or assigned work is performed is called a pay period or work period. 

With QuickBooks Payroll Services, you can easily determine the pay period of the employees, the frequency of the pay period and when it’s ending. However, in order to make changes in the pay schedule, you can simply edit it or set it up right from the starting.

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The pay schedule is for all the versions and editions of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. 

Pay Schedule No. of Payouts (calculated per year)
Monthly 12
Twice a month 24
Alternate week 26
Weekly 52

So, it is up to the employer to select the frequency of the payment to the employees. The above table has the pay schedules. Now, let’s take paying payroll monthly first and then all the other payroll schedules:

  1. Pay Schedule – Monthly: Once in the month, at random or on any assigned date, you can make or schedule the payment of the employees for the work they have done in the previous month. 
  2. Pay Schedule – Weekly: It means the payment to the employees in the whole week is done at the end of the week. Usually, for the work done from Monday to Friday, the payment is made on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Pay Schedule – Twice a month: With this pay schedule, there are usually two pay schedules in a particular month. Generally at the interval of 15 days each. The payment of the work done in the first half of the month is made usually on the 15th of the current month. The payment of the work done in the second half is made at the end of the same month. 

What permissions you are given in online payroll:

With this, you can:

  1. Setup and assign different pay schedules to the employees who are having different work periods or days
  2. For the same pay frequency, you can easily set up multiple cases. I.e.: You can set up two different pay schedules for the same payment and vice versa. The only thing you need to know is that you assign only one pay schedule to one employee
  3. Give a pay schedule a name. This is to avoid confusion
  4. Create a new pay schedule or edit an existing one
  5. Click on the day period while running payroll

How to activate QuickBooks Payroll Services?


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