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Did you stop using QuickBooks Payroll for some period and now want to reactivate the same? Don’t worry – this article will ensure you have a reliable walkthrough to reactivating your subscription. Reactivating your subscription is important for small businesses considering all of its features and benefits. The process is simple but requires your full attention so that you can successfully complete it.

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To reactivate/Renew your QuickBooks Payroll Subscription, you must be running the most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. This article will walk you through all the necessary steps.

Renew Your Payroll Subscription:

  • Double click on the QuickBooks Icon to open the application.
  • Now, click on Employees and then click on My Payroll Service
  • Go to the Billing/Account Information.
  • Now, use your QuickBooks Log-in Credentials to Login to the Account. You can also keep your software on Auto Log-in mode.
  • In the Information Section, you will see the Service Status, click on the Reactivate Link next to it.
  • Now, your Payroll Service will be shown list. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
  • Now, click on the Payment Method –> Add or Update Payment Information. Click on the Submit Button
  • Click on Place Order
  • Click on Next. Return to QuickBooks.

Several Methods to Renew or Reactivate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription

Method 1: Directly inside your Desktop file

Check out the following steps for renewing or reactivating your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription directly on your desktop.

  • Open your QuickBooks and go to the Employees tab, then click on My Payroll Service.
  • Now, login to your Intuit Account.
  • To reactivate your account, click on the Reactivate link near the top of the Service Information section.
  • Choose your payroll service, then click on Proceed to Checkout.
  • Follow these quick steps to set up your payment information. Click on the Payment Method you want to add, Edit or Update, then click on Submit when finished.
  • Now, go to the Place Order and click on it.
  • Click on Next and then come back to QuickBooks.
  • Now, try to sign in with the same service ID and password on your new device to confirm that you’re getting this information. Then click on the Employees area of My Account and choose Service Service status.

Method 2: Via the web

If you need extended support or have a specific issue that is not covered in the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll support line, please use the following steps.

  • Register for your free QuickBooks account by using your Intuit username and password to log in.
  • Once you’re in your QuickBooks account, click on the product or service that you want to manage.
  • Click on the Payroll Subscription tile below the Products & Services option.
  • Under the toolbars, you can view the status of your subscription. In this situation, you must navigate to the canceled option in your subscription. At a later time, click on the resubscribe link that is below “cancelled” in order to resubscribe.
  • Now that you’ve correctly checked all the information under the Reactivate Subscription fields, click on the Save and Continue button.
  • By following the steps for reactivating a subscription, you can get back up and running in no time. The first step is to revalidate your subscription details. Next, enter your billing information. Finally, click on “Reactivate.”
  • Now, you’ll see a pop-up message that says, your payroll subscription has been reactivated. Click on Got it to continue.

Note: This may take up to 24 hours to fully reactivate your subscription. Once reactivated, your membership will appear active.

Method 3: From a Cancelation Email

In order to reactivate your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription, please follow these steps:

  • To resubscribe to the Intuit QuickBooks My Account page, choose the “Resubscribe” option in your email.
  • To log in, use your Intuit account information (username and password).
  • It’s easy to update your payment information. Click on Save and Continue when the form prompts you for input.
  • Once verified, all your entered information on the previous page is correct, then click on Reactivate.
  • You now have a message that appears on your screen. Your monthly subscription is reactivated! Click Got it and you’ll be able to start using Software with 24 hours because the data needed to complete the process has been prepared by our system.

Method 4: From your QuickBooks My Account

If you want to renew or reactivate your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription directly from your QuickBooks My Account, the appropriate steps are listed below.

  • Create a new or log in to your Intuit QuickBooks Desktop My Account by using your Intuit credentials (username and password).
  • After you click Manage your QuickBooks page, click on the product or service that you need to manage.
  • Now, go to the Payroll Subscription tile below the Products & Services options.
  • For quick and easy access to your subscription status, simply click on the top right corner of your subscription page.
  • if your subscription is already renewed then your status will display as Active. Unless the status displays Reactivation is in progress.

Method 5: Review your Payroll Data

It is important to review your payroll data after you return to your payroll service. You will see tax settings and employees, but also any personal information you have previously set up for your payroll system.

On QuickBooks Payroll

  • First, you’ll select Employees from Payroll.
  • Every employee should have a review. Check their information, including W-4, deductions, vacation, sick, and other details.
  • To review your tax rates, go to Settings and choose Payroll Settings

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

  • Visit Employers and choose the Employee Centre option.
  • Our Employees tab allows you to review all your employees, including information such as W-4, deductions and vacation.This is a sentence rewriter.
  • To view your completed payroll items, go to Lists and Payroll.

Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

  • First of all, you need to visit the Employees tab and review each employee in your business.
  • Make sure to make all necessary details/deductions for any information your new hires provide, such as their W-4s, sick/vacation days, etc.
  • To review your tax settings, click on the “Setup” button.

To make sure that the reactivation is successful, you need to log-in.

  • Go to Employees and then click on My Payroll Service –> Now, click on Billing/Account Information and then click on Service Status

Point to be noted: For the Blank Service Status or if it shows Inactive Status, you need to get in touch with our QuickBooks Payroll Technical Support Team.

Through the Internet (Web):

  • Log-in with the QuickBooks Log-in Credentials.
  • Go to the Manage QuickBooks Page, click on the Product or Service. Click on the service that you want to manage.
  • Go to the Product & Services and then click on Payroll Subscription
  • On the top-right corner of the page, you will see the Subscription Status. To such cases, a Cancelled Subscription Status should be visible. If it is so, click on Re-subscribe Link in the status.
  • Now, check and validate all the information in the fields are correct to the best of your knowledge. Now, select Save and then click on
  • Verify all the Billing Information and Subscription Details. Click on
  • A Reactivated Subscription Message will pop-up on your monitor, click on the Got it!
  • The Subscription Reactivation Process will take 24 hours to get the process fully completed. Wait the Reactivation Process completes, the subscription will now show

To Cancel the Notification Email:

If you use your account payment information and the subscription still fails to auto-renew, the probable reason could be your deactivated or expired Credit Card attached with your Payroll Subscription. Now, you need to Reactivate Payroll Subscription using Notification Email.

Click on the Re-subscribe button in your Email. This will directly take you to the QuickBooks Payroll Account Page.

  • Use your Intuit’s Log-in Credentials to Log-in.
  • Check your Payment Information. If it’s not updated, click on Update. Enter new details and then click on Save and
  • Now, validate the entered information whether it is correct or not. Make sure that it is the same information you entered in the previous page. Now, click on Re-activate.
  • A Subscription Reactivated message will appear. Click on Got it! Now, your data process will start and it will take you up to 24 hours for completion.
  • Click on My Account, sign-in using your credentials and check your subscription status.

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