Here is what you need to know if you want to purchase QuickBooks Enterprise

Before purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise, you need to understand how features of QuickBooks Enterprise helps you in your day to day processes. Here are some of the features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2019.

You can easily track the history of the customer’s invoice:

Now, you can add history tracker in the invoice page and check how your client is functioning with your invoice when it is sent.

When a new invoice is created, select the See History option and it will show the history window. Through the invoice date, you can get the details of the date of issuing of invoice, due date and the send date. It also shows the date of receipt and deposit when the customer pays the invoice.

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Use the write cheque feature to create the bill:

You can easily avoid Write Check by using this feature whenever you use the Vendor Bill Payment feature.

In the field “Pay to Order,” enter the name of the vendor while using “Write Check,” a check for bills will be displayed in QuickBooks for open bills.

This default feature will automatically show all the unpaid bills of the vendor. Now, move ahead with writing a check feature but double data entry will be eliminated with this feature.

Identify the same customers, define jobs and transfer credit:

An open credit between various jobs been applied to the customers. This feature helps add additional function to the receivable management.

A credit account transfer will automatically be created in QuickBooks to credit other current assets. This will be listed as an inactive account that helps the user not to select any normal transaction.

Pay bills vendor filter:

With the help of QuickBooks 2019, you can filter bills on the basis of the vendor name.

For a previous version of QuickBooks, there may be a very significant time you may take to sort the billing of the vendor.

Inventory Reports containing Inactive Displayed Items:

In the previous versions of QuickBooks, inactive items did not show by default.

The system will automatically flag all the items that have already been tagged inactive.

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