QuickBooks Database Server Manager : Install, Update and Setup

What Is QuickBooks Database Server Manager and Brief on its Installation Update & Setup ?

QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a database tool to use by QuickBooks users to configure QuickBooks server for the multi-user access. In simple its lets you share your QuickBooks company files with other computers over your network.

However, it is usually updated along with QuickBooks Desktop that means whenever a user or admin update QuickBooks Desktop with the latest released version then QBDSM will update automatically.

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To explore more about it, read this article till the end as it covers all relevant information related to QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Here are the highlights of QBDSM:

  • How QuickBooks Database Server Manager Works?
  • What QuickBooks Database Server Manager Can Do?
  • How to Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager?
  • How to Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager?
  • What Is the Latest Version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager?
  • How to Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager?
  • Several facts of QuickBooks Database Server Manager 
  • Features of QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • FAQs
  • Final Words!

At the end of the article, we assure you that it will clear all your clouds and confusion and you’ll be well-versed with QuickBooks Database Server Manager. So, before you move to the update process let’s get aware of this term.

How QuickBooks Database Server Manager Works?

Also known as the personal database manager tool and a remarkable utility feature provided by Inuit. Basically, this helps users to configure the QuickBooks server to access multiple users. This tool builds the network data file (.ND) of the host machine for the company file. This awesome tool makes it easy for users to construct network data files on the host device or the host workstation for the company file.

If the user needs to use several desktop versions of QuickBooks, this is an effective tool that the user would need to install. The point to be remembered here is that it is not possible for a user to enter the multi-user mode without this method. A new user is introduced to the desktop edition of each version of the QuickBooks database server manager that is installed on the device. 

What QuickBooks Database Server Manager Can Do:

  • Check the local storage device so as to detect the new company file automatically.
  • Scan the QuickBooks company file as it is important for multi-user access.

How to Install QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  • Close all open programs, like QuickBooks, on your computer system.
  • Turn the download file for Setup QuickBooks.exe that you downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen. If your product or license numbers have to be searched, this is how to find them.
  • Select Custom or Network Choices when you are asked by QuickBooks to choose an install method. Then click Proceed. Do not want EXPRESS.
  • Choose the best choice for setting up your network and then press Next. The Database Server Manager is configured with both options. This will not modify any current corporate data if QuickBooks Desktop has already been installed on your server computer.
  • If you want your server computer to have Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Desktop, pick QuickBooks Desktop on this machine, AND will store it. We suggest this choice extremely.
  • Pick I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop if you just want Database Service Manager on your server computer.

Check the onscreen directions for the rest. Click the Install button when you’re finished. You can be asked by Windows for authorization.

How to Update QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

QuickBooks Database Server Manager Update is necessary whenever a new update is released or whenever a new QuickBooks Desktop new version is installed in a system. Here are steps that you in the update process:

  • To start with download and update the QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release, you need to scan for errors & get the backup the company files.
  • It is also important to know that the patch is the same for the server as well as for computer
  • Once you’re done with the installation then it is strongly recommended to reboot the server
  • After upgrading the server, a message appears that reads: “The company files needs to be updates” and also there’ll a pop up to create a backup which is important as updates can alter the database structure
  • Follow the pop up and after you’re done taking a backup, you should be able to open the files
  • Restart the windows server after you’ve finished updating.
  • This is how you update your QuickBooks software.

What Is the Latest Version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

To find out the latest version of QuickBooks Database Server Manager, you need to open the QB desktop & Press CTRL+1 & get the current version & release under Product information window.

Here are the latest versions:

QuickBooks 2021

QuickBooks 2020

QuickBooks 2019

QuickBooks 2018

The QuickBooks database server manager is usually updated along with the QuickBooks desktop, but if you want to update it manually, the process includes the steps below:

  • First, open Intuit official website and then download the updates patch for QB server manager
  • After the patch installation, reboot the server
  • Now, a message appear on your workstation that reads: “ “The company file needs to be updated to work this version of QuickBooks desktop”
  • Next, you’re supposed to take a backup of your data because these updates may make change in the database server
  • To end this process, you must carry out the instructions that prompts on your screen and you’re all good to go.

How to Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager

You need to search your company files after you download the Database Server Manager. You can use your business files from other machines on your network once you have scanned them. This allows you and users on your network to operate from several machines on QuickBooks Desktop simultaneously.

scan folder quickbooks database server manager
Scan Folder

Step 1: Scan your folders

  • You must search the folders keeping them before you can share your files. Only once do you need to search them.
  • Activate the Windows Start menu on your server machine (the one that hosts files for your company).
  • In the query box, select “Database” and open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Go to the tab for Search Folders.

Helpful: This method transfers all of your files if you’re using Database Server Manager (older version). You may want to set the access permission for your folder so that you only offer access to unique users.

  • Pick Search. Choose the folders that contain your company files, then (QBW).
  • When you’re done, pick OK.
  • Pick Start Scan when you’re set.

The folders emerge in the “QuickBooks Company Files Found” tab when the search ends. From other Desktops on your network, you can now browse company files in these folders.

Step 2: Monitor Your Drives

The drives that carry them display on the Controlled Drives panel after you search the folders. To control these files, select the “drive”. This way, if you ever alter or transfer the company files in them, you won’t need to check the folders again.

monitored drives qdsm
Monitor Your Drives
  • Go to the tab for “Monitored Drives”.
  • Pick the hard drive that displays check boxes and contain your all company files. Note: Just add drives that carry company files for you.
  • Now you won’t need to rescan the folder if you ever change or transfer company files on the drive.

 Note: Mapped drives can’t be tracked.

Step 3: Manage Database Server Manager

The Database Server Manager has other tabs that help keep things running efficiently.

  • The System tab indicates where the Database Server Manager on your desktop is located.
  • The Database Server helps to increase you with the tool’s real-time status and who’s linking to it.

Note: For better performance, QuickBooks Desktop New Version uses dynamic ports and unique port numbers. If the Database Server Manager is not working, the firewall configurations will need to be updated so that it can run on your server.

Several Facts of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

  • This tool is responsible for creating Network Data (.ND) files for any company files. Installing multiple versions of QBDSM can provide you with multiple processing versions (but not multiple versions of QuickBooks software).
  • QuickBooks that are located or saved on the host computer. If different versions of QuickBooks Desktop are used, the Database Server Manager for each version needs to be configured.
  • If you are operating on several versions of QuickBooks Desktop, installing Database Server Manager in chronological order (oldest to newest) for each version is mandatory.
  • A user is added to the QBDSM installed for each QuickBooks software update.
  • Loading the Database Server Manager every year guarantees that the database operation of the year runs continuously in the background. These services are described in the Windows Services interface as QuickBooksDBXX, where XX stands for the version number.

Features of QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Here are following features that come under QuickBooks Database Server Manager:

You can use the updates features once you download the QuickBooks Server updates and view the QuickBooks Server versions:

  • Go to the Windows Start button and click Program >> QuickBooks 
  • Next, click QuickBooks Database Manager
  • Now, look for Updates and click on it
  • To install the updates, instructions will pop up on your screen and perform the steps accordingly for updates installation. 

Some QDSM Checks

To decide whether the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is open:

  • The list of users who are logging into each company file and the server-connected company files.
  • The status that the QuickBooks Database Server services show. When the server is hosting the business files, all the services should be running.
  • If you wish to change the status of the services, use the Services Administrative Tool to configure the QBDBXX services.

System Features

  • Initially, go to the Windows Start menu and then click Program >> QuickBooks
  • Next, click QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Now, you’re supposed to click “System”
  • At last, verify the “System information” for the system which has the “Database server” installed.


User Queries: What to Do When QuickBooks Database Server Manager Status STOPPED

Answer: If the QuickBooks Database Server Manager is stopped working or not responding, you should uninstall the server manager for your database, rename the installation folder, then reinstall the server manager again. Follow the steps bellow:

  • Click the Windows button + R.
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in the Run dialog box, then type OK.
  • Pick the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Uninstall/Change, then.

First, by following these steps, rename the installation folder.

  • Go to the path in your installation folder (Example: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit).
  • On the keypad, press the Windows key + R.
  • Copy / paste the folder location, then press Enter.
  • Right-click and pick Rename from the folder. Rename .OLD as the folder.

Once done, reinstall QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

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User Query: Every time I run QuickBooks Database Server Manager, a message comes up like this QuickBooks database server manager windows firewall is blocking QuickBooks. I search on internet & did what ever I can. Could you help me with this?

Answer: I feel that some of your applications are blocked by windows 10 firewall or your ports unable to access the internet. You can contact with technician immediacy to get it fixed.

Few Good Reads:

Final Words!

Overall, QuickBooks Database Server Manager Updates is pretty easy and simple and it is the most effective feature offered to QuickBooks users by Intuit. Hope, this article gives you a clear understanding of this feature and you might be able to learn a lot of things related to QuickBooks Database Server Manager. After going through this article, you might now able to make the best use of QBDSM.

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