Why I am Getting QuickBooks Database Server Manager Status STOPPED Message?

The most common resolution for the QuickBooks 2022 database server not working is to restart the server of QuickBooks. When you cannot make changes, this usually occurs when the QuickBooks server is not updated or when you cannot make changes to your company file.

Error: QuickBooks Database Server Stopped working

Error message: Not Found

The QuickBooks 2022 Database Server is one of the most used and best software that small and medium businesses use. If you’re also in a SMB, then you’re probably benefiting a lot from it. Its not always easy to troubleshoot a server of this scale, but with an understanding of how the server works, you’ll be able to fix any issues that affect your business. Before we troubleshoot anything, we need to know how it works and what it’s for.

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What Is The Function Of The QuickBooks 2022 Database Server?

The QuickBooks 2022 Database Server Stopped Working error is an unexpected one that some of the users may find themselves experiencing. If you’re encountering this issue, don’t worry, it’s fixable! There are a few factors behind the occurrence of the error, but the most likely cause is the interference of your Windows firewall. If you’re experiencing issues with the QBDBMgrN service, you’re not alone. This is a common Windows error, and it has its roots in the Windows Firewall configuration. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! We’ll take you through the troubleshooting steps to get things working again.

Troubleshooting For the QuickBooks Database Server Stopped Working Issue

The first and the most appropriate thing you need to do is restart your QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

  • Make sure you restart the Database Server Manager on the system which is used to host the company file.
  • When you install the full QuickBooks program then if you launch the QuickBooks it will automatically start the QuickBooks Database Server Manager automatically.

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When the Full QuickBooks Program is Installed on Server or Host follow the given steps:

Firstly you need to open QuickBooks program on the server.

  • Then select the open and restore company option from the File menu.
  • After that select the Open a company file option and click on the next button.
  • Next you need to select your company file and then check the open the file multi-user mode in QuickBooks checkbox and click on the open button.
  • Now enter your username and password and login the company file.
  • Further select the close company or log off option for closing your company file on the server.

Solutions To Fix QuickBooks 2022 Database Server Stopped Working Error

The best resolution when your QuickBooks database server won’t start is to reboot or restart your QuickBooks server. From the Windows Start, go to the Control panel; from there, go to Administrative tools. At this point, click on Services and then find your QuickBooks database server on the list. Once you’ve found it, right-click on it and choose Restart.

QuickBooks is an accounting software program. For QuickBooks 2012 it will be QuickBooksDB22 and for 2013 it will be DB23. For 2014, it will be QuickBooksDB24 and for 2015 it would be QuickBooksDB25.

Solution 1: Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Restarting the Database Server Manager is your primary option.

If you Installed the Full QuickBooks Program:

If you experience errors and cannot connect your QuickBooks Desktop with the Database Server Manager, follow this procedure to resolve the issue.

  • First, try to open QuickBooks Desktop on your server system.
  • Select the File menu, and click on the ‘Open or Restore Company‘ option to open a company file.
  • Focus on the company file by clicking the ‘Open Company File’ option. Search for it using the field provided, and choose to ‘open’ or ‘edit’ the file.
  • And click on the Next option.
  • To open the file, click on the check mark in the Open file in multi-user mode. Then click on Open to open it.
  • Log into your company file, and click on the ‘Close Company/Logoff’ option in the File menu.
  • This closes your company file in the server.
  • Click on the ‘Windows Start‘ menu. 
  • Type “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” in the search bar and open it.

If you Only Installed the Database Server Manager:

To restart the Database Server Manager in SQL Server, follow these steps:

  • Go to the control panel and double click on the administrative tools option.
  • Then Double-click on the services option.
  • Next right-click on the suitable data manager.
  • After that click on the restart button.

Solution 2: Run Quick Fix my Program

You can run the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ to solve the Database Server Manager issue. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Download and install the QuickBooks Tools Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub always helps in fixing common errors.

  • First, close QuickBooks
  • Now open your downloads folder and find the file. It will be called “QuickBooks Tool Hub”. Open this file, and save it to where you can easily find that file such as on your Window Desktop.)
  • After downloading, open that downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Or go to the Windows Start button, and search ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub‘.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions for installation and agree to the terms and conditions for further process.
  • Double-clicking the desktop icon will launch the tool hub after installation.

Note: If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Windows Start menu, search for QuickBooks Tool Hub and choose the program that’s available.

Step 2: From the Tools Hub, run the Quick Fix my Program

The Quickfix will shut down all the background programs that QuickBooks uses. This way you can focus completely on your business.

  • Select Program Problems in the QuickBooks Tools Hub.
  • Choose Quick Fix my Program.
  • And start QuickBooks Desktop and open your company file.

Solution 3: Repair Your QuickBooks 2022 Desktop Installation

  • If you are still running the old version of QuickBooks Desktop, you’ll need to do a clean install.
  • That automatically transforms your old install folders into an archive and shows you a progress badge.
  • This helpful feature helps QuickBooks to add new install files when you reinstall the software.
  • It will not increase your company file and it will continue to operate at the same rate.

Solution 4: Repair Your QuickBooks 2022 Desktop Installation

This article will show you how to start a repair to restore all corrupted installation files. Additionally, you can go with this article if QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t work on your computer.

Before restoring your CD, it’s important to prepare the disk for installation. If you purchased it online at QuickBooks.com, then suggested that you download the installer from their website.This is a sentence rewriter.

Windows 10, 8/8.1, and 7

  • Never be misled by a recommendation to the Installation Wizard. The Installation Wizard is actually running the Repair tool.
  • Restart the program for QuickBooks 2022 and shut down the unnecessary extra programs.
  • Need a backup of your QuickBooks 2022 company file? Necessity makes the back-up possible, as do our top-notch customer support and user satisfaction!
  • Go to the Start and choose Control Panel. (In Windows 8/8.1: Proceed to the Start menu, and type Control panel to find it. When you find it click on it to open it.)
  • Choose Programs and Features. If you want to uninstall one of the programs, then select Uninstall a program.
  • (If this opportunity is not visible then, choose Programs, and tick on Program Features.)
  • To remove QuickBooks, select the program’s name under Programs and then click on Uninstall/Change.
  • Click on Continue, and go for Next.
  • Click on the Repair then Next. Wait till the repair is complete.
  • After you finish the process, restart your system if prompted.
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the newest QuickBooks release and the latest payroll tax tables when you start using QuickBooks.

Solution 5: Run The Clean Install Tool from The Tools Hub

If the problem has not been successfully fixed, you can try and run a clean installation by using QuickBooks Desktop Clean Install tool. That automatically renames your old install folders for you. This helps to QuickBooks to add new install files when you reinstall. It will not remove your company file, it will remain the same.

Solution 6: Suppress The QuickBooks 2022 Desktop Application

If QuickBooks is having trouble opening your file, you should try it to find out what the issue really is. Is it a problem with QuickBooks, or is it because the file you’re trying to open hasn’t been saved since last time?

  • Press or hold the Ctrl key, or Open QuickBooks Desktop by double-click on it.

Note: Make sure not to release the Ctrl key until you search out the “No company open” or unless QuickBooks freeze or displays an error.

  • Then Open company file.

Solution 7: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Open QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Select Installation Issues in the tools hub.
  • Click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic ToolYou need to make patience as the tool will take up to 20 min to run.
  • After finishing restart the system.
  • And open QuickBooks Desktop and then open your company file.

Solution 8: Updating Your Windows Firewall 

Make sure your system’s outdated Windows Firewall software settings are configured to allow QuickBooks Desktop to connect to the internet. This is necessary in order for your computer to properly upload your file data, and as a result, you may be receiving errors that can easily be resolved by updating your outdated Windows Firewall settings.

  • Because the Windows Firewall is causing the QuickBooks database server manager to stop, it’s best to start there
  • In the given space, press Windows + R and type Control firewall.cpl within the Windows Firewall Run Command
Run Command
  • After that hit the Enter key and open the Windows Firewall 
  • Next, go to the Update your Firewall Settings and click “Check for Updates”
Check updates
  • Now, click on the “Update Now” and then the “Use Recommended Settings” options.
  • Here, check if any update is available 
  • You have to wait for the end of the process before restarting your PC and opening QuickBooks. 

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Solution 9: Removing QuickBooks 2022 Server Manager from the Windows Firewall Settings 

  • Press the Windows + R keys from your keyboard to open the Run window 
  • Type the Windows Firewall and then hit Ok 
  • Double-click on the Firewall & Network Connection from the list of programs 
  • Use the Advanced Settings to choose Inbound Rules, then choose the One Time option. 
  • Now, click on “New Rule” option and then hit “Next”
  • Go to the Programs paths which exclude the exe file.This sentence rewriter example changes “exe file” to “exe”).
  • Click the checkbox labeled “Allow connection” and then press “Continue” 
  • Hit “Finish” once you’re done. Your PC should then restart.

Solution 10: Verify The Hosting Settings on The User’s Workstation and The Server 

  • Firstly, open the QuickBooks on the user’s workstation
  • Navigate to the File menu and select Utilities -> Stop Hosting Multi-User Access.
Hosting Multi-User
  • If you see the Hot Multi-User option in your List and a hosting option said to be correct on the workstation, don’t skip! In our system, this means your List is using incorrect login details.
  • The next step is to visit the server computer and then launch your QuickBooks software from there.
  • Open up your computer and go to the File tab. Now, select Utilities.
  • Make sure that it displays the “Stop Hosting Multi-User Access” option on the Edit Settings tab.
  • If not then please click on the cog icon at the top right of the screen to stop these users from accessing this software.

Our QuickBooks helpdesk team knows the ins and outs of the product and understands the root cause of the problem. Get in touch with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to fix when QuickBooks database server manager starts then stops?

    If the QuickBooks DBSM service started and then stopped on the local Computer. If they aren’t being used by other programs and services, some services will stop functioning. This could be the result of a corrupted QuickBooks Database Server Manager. To solve the problem, try the following options.
    1. Enable hosting (allow multi-user access.)
    2. Configure services (type services.msc into the Windows search bar.)
    3. Change the installation directory (Important: Do not install in a mapped drive.)
    4. Recreate QBDataServiceUserXX (Note: If you receive an error stating that your Windows user account lacks the necessary rights, log in as a Windows administrator or seek help from an IT professional.)

  2. Where do I locate the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

    To locate the Database Server Manager, go to the server system. In the search bar type, ‘Database’, and then hit enter. The database server manager will be available in a search result page.

  3. When QuickBooks Database Server is stopped working or fails to start, the first step would be to restart the QuickBooks Database Server.

    1. Open the Control Panel
    2. Then select the Administrative Tools
    3. After that, double-click on the Services
    4. You have to click on the data, manager that stopped working
    5. In the end restart your computer and then try again.

  4. Can I get a QuickBooks Database Server Manager in workstations?

    No, you can’t find the database server manager of QuickBooks on a computer’s work station. That’s because the database server manager is used to access a company file over a network in multi-user mode. So, the database can only be found on the server computer.

  5. If you are having problems with installing or uninstalling the product, contact your computer’s manufacturer for assistance.

    In case you have only installed the QuickBooks Database Server Manager:
    1. Open the Control Panel on your computer
    2. Select the Administrative Tools to open it
    3. Go to the Services and open it
    4. Select and right-click on the correct Data Manager
    5. Then from the options click on Restart to restart the database server manager
    6. Still, if it’s not working then you have to do follows:
    7. Use the repair tool and repair the QuickBooks Program
    8. Then Reinstall the QuickBooks using Clean Install and you are done.

  6. Here is how to use Database Server Manager for network-related issues with QuickBooks.

    One of the most irritating parts of running a business is dealing with network problems. If you’re having difficulty installing or accessing QuickBooks, try downloading the QuickBooks tool hub and clicking on the ‘Installation Issue’ section. There you will get a list of troubleshooting options. One option is called ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. Try running it to troubleshoot QuickBooks’ Internet connection issues.

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