So if you are not happy with your older version of QuickBooks, then this article is a must read. QuickBooks has brought out an assortment of improvements in the last few years, including new business tools and accounting features to meet users’ needs. Now users can find what they need without compromising their requirements.

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Nowadays, modern technology is moving at a very rapid pace and most businesses don’t have time for any problems with their devices or software. QuickBooks 2021 offers many features that many business owners will benefit from.

Query: Right now we have QuickBooks desktop 2013, and we bought QuickBooks desktop pro 2021. How can I upgrade my software to QuickBooks desktop 2022?

Updating QuickBooks desktop 2013 to the latest release is simple to process either by updating manually or automatically. In case, you switch on Automatic Update, you allow QuickBooks software to download the recent updates automatically. If you want to switch the feature off, we suggest updating QuickBooks manually once a month.

Note: Updating the QuickBooks software to latest release needs a small change to the database. This modification makes the data file mismatched with earlier releases.

How to Update Quickbooks Desktop 2013 to Latest

Get a Free User Guide “Why to Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.”

Looking to upgrade your QuickBooks software? We can help you find the right version for you. From comparing customer service options to finding the latest features, this article has a comprehensive list of benefits of each software.

Why is it required to upgrade QuickBooks 2013 to 2022 version?

Every version of QuickBooks comes with an improved, advanced feature or two. The software is so easy to use that many people think they should take their step back and keep their software up-to-date. However, this process is not only efficient but can lead to more functionality and product lines. You can avoid experiencing buggy software and fix several technical glitches by upgrading your software. They will help you grow your business.

Let’s explore the features of the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Version.

QuickBooks 2021 is the latest release of QuickBooks. It has been designed to help users get more done faster and easier. The features in this version include a range of cutting-edge features which are all about automation to save time and boost productivity. This version includes some fantastic improvements that were previously only available in previous versions of the software such as cash or accrual-based accounting, contact management, inventory, and much more.

Streamlined Bank Feeds:

We have made it so that you will no longer need to spend hours entering your transactions. With our new feature, you can now automatically categorize your transactions and improve matching just by using enhanced rules, batch editing and improved handling.

Rule-Based Customer Groups:

Creating rule-based groups allows you to find all customers that match certain criteria for things like customer type, status, location, or balance. It helps improve your Customer management, business insights and communication.

Automated Statements & Payment Reminders:

Business owners can now automate payments reminders for their customers. Business owners can now program custom emails that are sent just before payment deadlines, which are tailored to different customer needs.

Setup/Reuse Email Templates:

When you are a regular user, you can create and reuse different templates for email communication with customers.

Automated Receipt Management:

This feature makes it easy to enter your expense transaction in QuickBooks. You can use the apps on your phone or desktop to automatically create and categorize your receipt expenses.

Data Level Permission:

We have a new feature that lets administrators create groups of customers and vendors with access permissions at the record level.

Get a Free User Guide “Why to Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022”

Headache🥺. Huh, Looking to Upgrade from Your Current Version of QuickBooks?. But frustrated which version will be best suited according to your need. Don’t worry, Get a comprehensive list of reasons, why you should upgrade to the QuickBooks 2022 version.

Get these 20 tips on why to Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.

    Customized Payment Receipts:

    We now create custom templates for forms like invoices, sales receipts, estimates, statements, and purchase orders. They can easily customize these templates to control how they look and what kind of information to include.

    Payroll Liability Reminders:

    Small business owners in the United States can now set up calendar notices to ensure that they are reminded of important deadlines.

    Manual Update to Latest Version

    Solution 1: Download from the Internet

    1. Visit the Downloads and Updates page.
    2. From the Product drop-down menu, choose your QuickBooks product.
    3. From the Select Version drop-down, choose the suitable version of QuickBooks
    4. Click to Search
    5. Click to latest updates, and then choose Save/Save File for downloading the latest update
    6. When the download finishes, double-click the update installation. You might require restarting the Windows after the installation completes.
    7. To install updates manually across the network, you can:
      1. Open the installation file on your system from another system; or
      2. Copy the installation file the flash drive, and then go the desktop of another system.

    Solution 2: From QuickBooks Desktop

    1. Click the File menu, and then choose Logoff/Close Company
    2. Go to File menu again, and then click Exit
    3. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon on the desktop, and then choose Run as administrator
    4. On the window ‘No Company Open’, go to the Help menu and then select Update QuickBooks
    5. Visit the Options menu, and then choose Mark All and click Save
    6. Visit the tab Update Now, and then select the Reset Update.
    7. Choose the Updates button.
    8. When Update Complete message displays, shut down the QuickBooks Desktop.
    9. Restart the QuickBooks Desktop. If you receive the install update message again, click Yes
    10. When the installation process is done, reboot your system.

    Automatic Update to latest version

    Solution 1: Download and install update NOW

    1. Select Update QuickBooks From the QuickBooks software Help menu
    2. Click to Update Now tab on the window Update QuickBooks.
    3. Put a mark in Reset Update box to remove all prior update downloads. (Note: This might amplify the amount of time required for the update.)
    4. Choose the Get Updates option.
    5. Restart QuickBooks software. When driven, mark the option to install the latest release.

    Solution 2: Download automatically

    1. Select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu
    2. Visit the Options menu on the window Update QuickBooks
    3. To switch on automatic updates, click Yes to the radio button
    4. To share downloads automatic with other computers on the network, select the radio button for Yes.
    5. Click Close. QuickBooks will automatically download the update after it’s released.

    Let’s explore the features of the QuickBooks desktop 2021 version.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best time to choose the Manual Updates installation option on QuickBooks Desktop?

    It can be challenging to install updates that affect the entire network on a QuickBooks file shared from one user to another. We recommend installing updates on your own computer and then sharing the file with the rest of your users.

    How do I know the difference between an Upgrade of QuickBooks and an Update?

    Intuit releases different versions of QuickBooks every year with new features and benefits that are designed to help business owners. Those who want the latest version will choose the Upgrade option on a product page, whereas those not wanting to upgrade or needing more than one version can update their current version to use for both versions together so they don’t get any unwanted notifications.

    Not having a backup of the QuickBooks files before beginning an upgrade may lead to lost files, much needed time and money in repairs. It’s important to schedule automatic backups of the company file before starting the process of QuickBooks Upgrade.

    1. If you ever have problems, it’s best to back up your company files before making changes. If something goes wrong during the conversion process, you can easily retrieve your data. QuickBooks gives you all the tools you need to schedule automatic backups, or back them up yourself manually.
    2. In QuickBooks, open the File menu and choose Switch to Single-user mode.
    3. Now go to the File menu again and hover over Back up Company and then click on Create Local Backup.
    4. Choose Local Backup option in the window and later hit Next.
    5. Under Local Backup Only section, select Browse and decide where you want to save your backup company file.
    6. It’s time to set the number of backups you want to keep. Well, this is optional. 

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