How to Update Quickbooks Desktop 2013 to Latest

Query: Right now we have QuickBooks desktop 2013, and we bought QuickBooks desktop pro 2019. How can I upgrade my software to QuickBooks desktop 2021?

Updating QuickBooks desktop 2013 to the latest release is simple to process either by updating manually or automatically. In case, you switch on Automatic Update, you allow QuickBooks software to download the recent updates automatically. If you want to switch the feature off, we suggest updating QuickBooks manually once a month.

Note: Updating the QuickBooks software to latest release needs a small change to the database. This modification makes the data file mismatched with earlier releases.

Manual update to latest version

Solution 1: Download from the Internet

  1. Visit the Downloads and Updates page.
  2. From the Product drop-down menu, choose your QuickBooks product.
  3. From the Select Version drop-down, choose the suitable version of QuickBooks
  4. Click to Search
  5. Click to latest updates, and then choose Save/Save File for downloading the latest update
  6. When the download finishes, double-click the update installation. You might require restarting the Windows after the installation completes.
  7. To install updates manually across the network, you can:
    1. Open the installation file on your system from another system; or
    2. Copy the installation file the flash drive, and then go the desktop of another system.

Solution 2: From QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Click the File menu, and then choose Logoff/Close Company
  2. Go to File menu again, and then click Exit
  3. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon on the desktop, and then choose Run as administrator
  4. On the window ‘No Company Open’, go to the Help menu and then select Update QuickBooks
  5. Visit the Options menu, and then choose Mark All and click Save
  6. Visit the tab Update Now, and then select the Reset Update.
  7. Choose the Updates button.
  8. When Update Complete message displays, shut down the QuickBooks Desktop.
  9. Restart the QuickBooks Desktop. If you receive the install update message again, click Yes
  10. When the installation process is done, reboot your system.

Automatic update to latest version

Solution 1: Download and install update NOW

  1. Select Update QuickBooks From the QuickBooks software Help menu
  2. Click to Update Now tab on the window Update QuickBooks.
  3. Put a mark in Reset Update box to remove all prior update downloads. (Note: This might amplify the amount of time required for the update.)
  4. Choose the Get Updates option.
  5. Restart QuickBooks software. When driven, mark the option to install the latest release.

Solution 2: Download automatically   

  1. Select Update QuickBooks from the Help menu
  2. Visit the Options menu on the window Update QuickBooks
  3. To switch on automatic updates, click Yes to the radio button
  4. To share downloads automatic with other computers on the network, select the radio button for Yes.
  5. Click Close. QuickBooks will automatically download the update after it’s released.

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