How to Customize Report of vendors with Filters in QuickBooks Desktop

Query: I want to make a report of vendors for next month but when I add the filters for general liability but it shows insurance expiring this month. Help me & providing me with any vendor who has either insurance expiring to fix this. Using QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2018.

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With QuickBooks, creating or preparing reports to maintain and process business data has become easy. The well-defined fields and values make the reports more reliable. The reliability of the report is necessary for a business as it is one of the major elements that impact the decision-making process of a company.

The best thing about the software is that it gives users an opportunity to customize the reports being prepared based on the filtered information as required.

One of the features of the software is the customize report of vendors in QuickBooks. You can contact Fastfix247 tech individuals to know about the process of customizing reports to make your decision-making process a success.

Steps to Customize Reports of Vendors

When it comes to customizing the vendor report, there are many aspects to be considered. Based on the type of data you need for the report generation, you can opt for the following instructions to filter and customize reports of vendors in QuickBooks.

Based on Used Bill Credits

  1. Go to Reports menu
  2. Choose Vendors & Payables
  3. Select Vendor Balance Detail
  4. Select Customize Report
  5. Browse to Display tab
  6. Tick the Paid column checkbox
  7. If a bill credit is used, the Paid column will how Paid otherwise Unpaid
  8. Go to Filters tab
  9. Select Transaction Type
  10. Choose Bill Credit
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Memorize. This will save the report

Based on the bill to be opened for a selected date range

  1. Go to Reports menu
  2. Choose Vendors & Payables
  3. Select Unpaid Bills Details
  4. Click Customize Report
  5. Select Advanced … button
  6. You will get Open Balance/Aging option
  7. Choose As of Report Date
  8. In the Advanced Options area, click OK
  9. Now move to Customize Report window
  10. Type the correct date for the report
  11. Click Memorize. This will save the report

Based on the vendor-totalled purchase order report to be opened

  1. Go to Reports menu
  2. Choose Custom Reports
  3. Click Transaction Detail
  4. Choose Customize Report
  5. Browse to Filters Choose the filters as listed below:
    1. Account to Purchase Order
    2. Posting Status to Either
    3. Received to No
  6. Go to Display tab
  7. Select Total by drop-down
  8. Select Vendor
  9. Click OK

Based on the total vendor payment

  1. Go to Vendors menu
  2. Choose Print/E-file 1099s
  3. Select 1099 Summary or Detail report
  4. You will get 1099 Options drop-down menu
  5. Select All Vendors
  6. Then choose All Allowed Accounts
  7. Click Ignore thresholds
  8. In the Dates drop-down list, choose All

Based on the Customer : Job Vendor Expenses

  1. Go to Reports menu
  2. Choose Custom Reports
  3. Click Transaction Detail
  4. Browse Display There, perform the following steps:
    1. Set the date change as applicable
    2. Go to Columns section and then:
      1. Tick the checkbox beside Source Name
      2. This will add the same to your column
  • Tick the checkbox beside Name and remove the name from the list
  1. Click Total By drop-down arrow
  2. Select Customer
  1. Browse to Filters tab
  2. Choose Transaction type from the list
  3. Select the relevant type of transaction relating to the Vendor purchases
  4. Click OK
  5. Your report gets displayed

There may be other scenarios based on which you may have to generate reports and take major business decisions. In case, the above-mentioned solution tips do not help you, you can contact our Fasfix247 team of experts who excel in assisting users with minor as well as major QuickBooks-related doubts and queries.

The Fastfix247 QuickBooks tech support individuals are available 24*7 to help and support you. You only need to dial the QuickBooks help desk number to connect with them.

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