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Question: I loaded Direct Connect to connect my bank and QB and by mistake entered the wrong bank account number. I need to remove the existing bank account number and add another one that is listed in the same account area but is my business account not my personal account. Can you help?

The basic function of QuickBooks for Businesses is that it helps businessman manage their bills, payments, invoices and helps them track their cash flow. It can also be helpful for month-end or year-end financial reports. You can also customize financial reports on a quarterly basis. It is very important for business owners to manage their outsourced or in-house bills and expenses. That’s where QuickBooks is helpful in.


Income and Sales Management:

You can create invoices and easily manage income and sales on the basis of it. It has a sales tracking feature by the customer. You can also check all past due account and current account. Get prior details about what your customers owe you.


Keep track of Expenses and Bills:

All you need to do is connect your credit card or bank with QuickBooks and it automatically keeps track on all the expenses and bills. You can categorize all the records. To track cash or check transactions, you can manually record them in QuickBooks.  You can also pay the due bills. For example, you can create accounts payable report and check whether the bill is paid on time or not. Through this report, you can get all past due and current bills so that if any issue arises, you can address it quickly.


Profit and Loss Report

QuickBooks gives you the exact profit and loss report that you see in just a flick on time. It summarizes your report and shows you what profit level your business has reached and projects the bottom line on the basis of the income and expenses. You can see net/gross income/expenses and bottom line as well on the basis of the week, month and quarter, semi-annually or annually.


Balance Sheet Report
The balance sheet report all the information about Liabilities, Assets and Equity of the business of a specific time. Just a few steps you need to follow and you can see the balance sheet in QuickBooks.

Here are the three versions of QuickBooks that you can employ as per your business category and the size of your business and the features specific to it.

QuickBooks Pro:

  1. Enter data and share it with your accountants
  2. Create more than 100 customized reports of accounts
  3. Payroll management system
  4. QuickBooks Bill Tracker helps you track all the bills in one place
  5. You can add up to three users and they can work on it simultaneously.

QuickBooks Premier

  1. Reporting specific to Industry
  2. Business tools to check your expenses and sales
  3. Create and Track Sales order
  4. Track finished inventory and products cost.
  5. You can add up to five users and they can work on it simultaneously.

QuickBooks Enterprise

  1. It comprises all the features of QuickBooks Premier but all are with enhanced capabilities.
  2. You can add up to thirty users and they can work on it simultaneously.
  3. 1,00,000 Inventory, vendors and customer tracking mechanism
  4. Easy to manage all employees and fixed assets.


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