QuickBooks is unable to send email to Outlook

Sending and receiving email from Microsoft Outlook is a widely used feature in QuickBooks Desktop and invoices and estimates can be easily sent with the click of a button. You also won’t have to worry about searching for emails, as we’ll save them for you. In addition, if you use QuickBooks Outlook integration so you send emails directly from QuickBooks, you’ll save time and effort. The benefits of sending emails from Outlook is that the copy of the invoice or estimate that’s sent is saved on your behalf for future reference. Sometimes QuickBooks might be experiencing a ‘QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook’ error. This article has the steps you can take to resolve this error and have further success with your email marketing.

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QuickBooks Email Error: “QuickBooks is unable to send email to Outlook.” This isn’t basically an error. You just need to change some settings and you are good to go.

Let QuickBooks Outlook integrated emailing do the work for you. The inbuilt feature will make it easy for you to gmail attachments for sending when using QuickBooks Desktop. Then, simply click a few buttons and let the software handle the rest.


The article lists the various causes of QuickBooks Outlook errors and tells you how to solve them. It also lists some common causes of issues in QBO, along with a list of solutions to them.

Problem: When you try to send emails from Intuit QuickBooks to Outlook, you get one of these errors, such as QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook, Outlook cannot log on Verify you are connected to the network and are using proper server mailbox name or Outlook cannot be selected or is grayed out in Preferences > Send Forms

Affected Systems:  QuickBooks 2022, QuickBooks 2021, QuickBooks 2020, QuickBooks 2019, Outlook 365, Office 365, Outlook 2016, QuickBooks 2018, Outlook 2013, QuickBooks 2017, QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premiere and Enterprise versions

Causes of “QuickBooks Is Unable to Send Your Email to Outlook”

  • This message appears if your computer has incorrect email settings.
  • A damaged MAPI32.dll file can also result in this Error: QuickBooks is unable to send your emails to Outlook.
  • QuickBooks may be running as an administrator.
  • Damaged QuickBooks components may lead to QuickBooks Outlook email error.
  • Users who are using the unsupported Outlook version of QuickBooks, will lose access to all transactions.
  • Your outlook account is accessible in the background while you’re sending an email.
  • Damaged Outlook Application etc.

Follow These Fix steps QuickBooks Outlook Email Error Message?

If your QuickBooks can’t send email messages to your Outlook, follow the steps below until they work properly. There are multiple methods to resolve QuickBooks Outlook email errors, so this will help you find the best one for you:

Solution 1: Switch QuickBooks to the non-Administrative Mode

  • First, double-click on QuickBooks on your computer Desktop Screen.
  • Select the Properties menu and then Compatibility
  • Click here to run this program as administrator.
  • Then, open and Update your QuickBooks.
  • Restart your computer. Then, update windows and reboot again.
  • Finally, open your QuickBooks program, and after the computer restart it should send the email for you.

Solution 2: Reconfigure QuickBooks Email Preferences

  • Click on Edit menu and then click on preferences, for Outlook Server, open Microsoft Exchange Server and then sign-in to Outlook.
  • Now, from the menu, select Send Forms and then click on My Preference Tab.
  • Click on Outlook and then click on OK.

If you’re still having problems sending emails with Outlook, the next set of solutions may be more effective for you.

Solution 3: Check Email Preferences in Internet Explorer:

  • There are many web services that run in the back at QuickBooks. You may need to reset your email preferences from the back.
  • To do so, first of all, shut your QuickBooks down and then open your Internet explorer. 
  • Now, click on Tools, click on Settings and then click on Internet Explorer.
  • From the program tab, click on the set program.
  • Now, set the email service to the default program.
  • Click on apply and then click on OK.
  • Check Internet Explorer.

Solution 4: Ensure that the QuickBooks is not Operating as an Administrator

  • If you are already working on QuickBooks, shut it down.
  • Search QuickBooks in the Windows start menu, right-click on it to open the file location.
  • Now, find QuickBooks.exe file and then click on properties.
  • Click on the compatibility tab.
  • Uncheck on the Administrator run of the program and then open settings for all users.
  • Click on Apply and then click on OK.
  • In the end, restart your QuickBooks software.

Solution 5: Test and Repair MAPI32.dll

  • This may be a difficult step to perform. So, you need to have advanced technical knowledge of the computer.
  • Now, create a new doc with Microsoft Word.
  • Click on the File Menu and then Email as PDF.

To send an email not using QuickBooks, but Microsoft Word, you need to repair MAPI32.dll:

  • Close QuickBooks and other programs from your Windows.
  • Now, open Windows Start Menu
  • Open File Explorer to search for the location – System 32. Type the path:C:\Windows\System32
  • Open Fixmapi.exe and run the repair
  • Wait for the repair to finish and restart your system.

Solution 6: Install QuickBooks Desktop Again

  • Reboot & Install QuickBooks version
  • Make a note of your driver’s license number. If you bought a digital version, it should be in the original package or in the buy confirmation email.
  • Make a note of the year and version of your product.

Solution 7: With Clean Install Tool, Install QuickBooks Again

  • After closing all open web pages and running applications, save all unsaved work.
  • Press the Start button and search for Task Manager
  • Once the ‘Task Manager’ page appears, click on End or Close all QuickBooks-related active processes on your system.
  • Restart the PC you are using.
  • Make sure you are renaming files and folders that haven’t been renamed before.
  • Remove QuickBooks from your computer after uninstalling it and rebooting the system.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your license and Product Number ready at all times so that you don’t miss out!
  • Insert the installation disc into your computer’s disc drive, download an installation source copy, or use a network share.
  • To start, you’ll need to launch the installation process and then follow the prompts on-screen.
  • Reactivate your QuickBooks program by opening it.
  • To update your QuickBooks desktop, open the ‘Help’ option from the menu.
  • Make sure you are opening your QuickBooks company file before you send any emails.

Solution 8: Missing Primary Interop Assembly

If you are having issues with Microsoft Office integration, you should make sure that the assembly is installed properly. To check where the assembly is located, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\Statement Writer 20XX.

If you’re on Windows, you need to run the vstor.exe file which is located here: \Program Files\Common Files\QB 2015\vstor. This will help you update your software in case it’s missing any files that might be causing compatibility issues.

Solution 9: Verify the QuickBooks Compatibility with your Microsoft Outlook Version

If you’re using the latest version of QuickBooks and want to use it with an outdated system, then check the requirements for the Microsoft product that’s compatible with your accounting software. According to this, if the systems don’t match up, maybe update your system to be compatible with the newest Microsoft software. If they’re both compatible, then choose another option.

Solution 10: Update the Microsoft Outlook Program

  • Click on the File menu
  • Choose the Account option
  • On the product page, click on “Product information.”
  • Next, select Update Options.
  • Click the Update Now button to start updating your site.
  • You’ll be notified when this is done
  • Try sending emails using QuickBooks.

Solution 11: Repair or Reinstall Microsoft Office

Repair Office: Press Windows Key + X or right-click the Windows logo at the bottom left of your screen. Select Apps and Programs. Find Microsoft Office, and then click Change. Finally, choose Repair from the top of the list to start the Office software repair process.

Reinstall Office: To uninstall Microsoft Office, press the Windows key and X or right-click the Windows logo at the bottom left of your task bar. Select Apps & Programs. Find Microsoft Office and click Uninstall on the top menu. If you purchased your office software through Office 365, visit Microsoft’s Office Portal to install it.

Solution 12: Reinstall QuickBooks

If you don’t have the install files for your QuickBooks software, you can download it from their website. Before uninstalling, make sure to write down your license and product code before going through with the removal process. You can find it by pressing F2 while QuickBooks is open. If you already removed QuickBooks, don’t worry! There’s an easy way to install it again:

  • Check the original packaging of the product
  • Log into your intuit account at intuit.com and checking the order history
  • Search your emails if you purchased a digital copy (Some websites email you the license info)

Troubleshooting basic problems can sometimes seem like a hassle, but these solutions help you in resolving QuickBooks is unable to send email to Outlook quickly. To check how to fix email error in QuickBooks, we are also available through Live Chat Support. It’s available in the down-right corner of the website Fastfix247.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to fix error: Something’s not quite right. Email address already in use. I am using QuickBooks Desktop 2021.

    Here are the methods to fix this issue:
    1. It’s likely that your team member already has a user profile because the email address is in use. Simply request that they log into their account and look for the invitation. Ask them to follow the steps to regain their sign-in information if they are unable to sign in. Also, double-check that your team member isn’t listed as inactive with your company. Check their profile in QuickBooks Desktop Account to see if it is active. They won’t be able to connect to your firm if their profile is offline.
    2. Send the invitation to another email address if your team member has one. With that email address, a new user profile is created.
    3. You can make a change if another member of your team is already using the email address. Change their email address in QuickBooks Desktop Accountant. This clears the email address and allows you to resubmit the invitation to your new team member.

  2. How to solve the error: QuickBooks is unable to send the email because your antivirus software has blocked outgoing emails?

    All you have to do now is allow QuickBooks the necessary rights. You can either alter your system permissions directly or change the settings in your antivirus software.

  3. How to fix Outlook is missing in send forms preferences?

    Here are some of the possible reasons why Outlook is missing as one of your options.
    1. You’re using a version of QuickBooks that doesn’t support Outlook.
    2. There’s a problem with Outlook’s setup.
    3. In Microsoft Outlook, your profile is not set up.
    4. The default email software is not Outlook.
    5. Your QuickBooks is cloud-based, and your service provider does not have Office installed as a hosted application.

  4. What to do if Repairing MS Outlook won’t work to fix QuickBooks is Unable to Send Emails to Outlook?

    In this case, you’ll need to uninstall MS Outlook before you can reinstall it. Download the file and save it to your computer. Make sure not to get distracted by installing any other software which might have been downloaded during the process of uninstalling Outlook. If a window pops up that asks you whether or not you want to remove Microsoft Office Outlook from your system, choose Yes so that the removal is complete. After that, run the downloaded file to install Outlook again.

  5. Do I have to Update the Windows System for resolving the Compatibility Problem that is Causing the Error QuickBooks is Unable to Send Emails to Outlook?

    If you use the software version in your QuickBooks, Windows will automatically send updates to the system it’s installed on. Keep track of them by opening your Settings on Windows, clicking on update, and then getting the updates. The process is also straightforward: click Accept and download them; stop or cancel if there are too many for you to handle.

  6. Why is QuickBooks unable to send my emails?

    Modify your antivirus settings
    To make sure QuickBooks has the right permissions, check out the specific steps for how to set up permissions in your antivirus program. If you’re a Norton or McAfee user, it’s as easy as following some links. Some programs also have email filtering features.

  7. How do I send an email from QuickBooks to Outlook?

    In QuickBooks, you can send transactions through Webmail or Outlook.
    1. Go to QuickBooks Edit menu and select Preferences.
    2. Select Send Forms.
    3. Select Web Mail and Add.
    4. Fill out the Add Email Info and select OK.
    5. Select OK to save your changes.

  8. Why is Outlook not working in QuickBooks?

    The ‘QuickBooks Email Outlook is Not Responding‘ error can be caused by a variety of things. It’s possible that you’re running QuickBooks on Windows without an administrator account. Incorrect email settings can also cause this error, as well as incorrect email settings in Internet Explorer on Windows.

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