quickbooks not printing checks invoices pdf pay checks pay stubs forms or reports correctly

Do you have trouble printing checks, invoices, PDFs, pay stubs, forms, or reports, but can view them correctly? Aren’t you able to view them even after trying? Here are some tips for printing in QuickBooks.

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Here are few checklists to troubleshoot when QuickBooks not printing correctly:

You can easily run and print checks, invoices, PDF, paychecks, pay-stubs, forms, or reports correctly, just follow the tips below:

⚡️ Have you turned on your printer?

If not, do so now. Try refreshing your page. The default printer should be set up if you have more than one printer on your network.

⚡️ Have you deleted the temporary internet files and cookies?

For optimal browser performance, clear your cookies and temporary internet files. In case you have not done this in a while, it may solve your issue. You can access the Tools menu in Firefox.

⚡️ Are you using the same computer that you typically use to print?

Make sure the printer you want is set as the default printer if you aren’t.

⚡️ Did you recently install any updates or programs?

Occasionally, users will encounter an update that resets their default pop-up blocking settings or turns their pop-up blocker back on after it had previously been disabled. Firefox users can access these settings by clicking the Tools button near the top of their browser screen.

⚡️ Does the screen flash when you click “View & Print”?

If so, your pop-up blocker is likely at fault. While using our site, we recommend turning off pop-up blockers. Clear your Firefox cookies. Try adding us as a trusted site if this does not resolve the issue. To do this, go to the Security tab in Internet Options via your browser.

⚡️ Are you using Adobe Acrobat or Reader on your computer?

Adobe Acrobat or Reader is required in order to print paychecks or view forms. Click the Start button (or Add/Remove Programs on older versions of Windows) and go to the Programs & Features section. This list will include Adobe Acrobat or Reader if it has been installed on your computer. In case you do not have either of them, you can get them at adobe.com.

⚡️ Is your Adobe version outdated?

Viewing pay stubs and forms might not work with outdated Adobe versions. Windows computer users can check their version by clicking the Start button, then going to Programs & Features (or Add/Remove Programs on older versions). You can view your current Acrobat or Reader version from this menu. Adobe Reader is available on the Adobe website.

⚡️ Have you tried changing the page scale?

Do your paychecks appear off-centered on the page? Are they aligned incorrectly? If you change the page scaling, you may be able to get a better fit. Select Shrink to Printable Area from the Page Scaling drop-down menu after selecting Print:


⚡️ If you are able to view the forms, but not to print them, you may want to try saving them to your desktop

If you downloaded the forms, but couldn’t print them, I would recommend saving them to your desktop. You can print the version you just saved to your desktop by closing the page you were viewing, then opening the file you just saved.

⚡️ Have you tried printing as an image (for Acrobat only)?

Select the Print icon to print the paycheck or form once it is open in Adobe. Click on the Advanced button, then select Print as Image. This may take slightly longer than normal to print.

⚡️ How many checks are you printing?

In the case of trying to print more than 50 checks at once, you might see a message such as: “You cannot print more than 50 checks at a time.” If you see this message, try printing less than 50 checks at a time and printing in batches.

⚡️ Check that you have entered all of your banking information if a blank check stock prints

The Setup tab can be found in the top navigation bar. At the bottom of the Preferences tab, select Paycheck Printing. Select Blank Check Stock, then click OK. Enter your banking information on the screen that appears.


Question: What to do QuickBooks not showing my printer?

Make sure that all the printer paper has been loaded correctly, then shut off the printer and restart your computer. Navigate to the Control Panel, then click Printers and Fax in the Windows Start menu.

Question: How to fix when QuickBooks could not print to printer check your printer selection?

  • The QuickBooks Print & Print Repair Tool can be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Your temp folder permissions need to be reset. 
  • Verify that your XPS can be printed (only for Save as PDF and Email issues) How to Print 1096 Forms for 1099-Type Vendors in Sage 50?Read: How to Fix When Print to PDF not Working with QuickBooks Desktop?
  • Test, reinstall, and adjust permissions for XPS Document Writer (for users using Windows but not Terminal Services)

Question: What is the way to solve my printer not showing up in QuickBooks and my printer not showing up when I attempt to print an invoice?

Question: How to print customer notes in QuickBooks?

  1. At the top, click Customer Center.
  2. Select the Notes tab below Customer Information by clicking the name of the customer.
  3. To open the Notes, double-click them.
  4. Then click Print.

Question: What to do when QuickBooks will not print checks?

Question: What are the steps to fix when QuickBooks invoice not printing lines?

Question: I have an issue 1099 not printing company info QuickBooks, how to fix?

Question: Error Shows – You cannot print directly to the QuickBooks PDF Converter – What to do now?

Answer: QuickBooks Desktop comes with a PDF Converter feature. QBO does not have this feature. Whenever you print reports from QuickBooks Online, you’ll receive the following error:

QuickBooks PDF Converter cannot be used to print directly to PDF. Instead, select the file and save it as a PDF.

Using the Excel button at the top of each report, you can export a QuickBooks Online report to your hard drive.

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