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We are a non-profit with QuickBooks Premier 2018 and are currently handling payroll ourselves. We would like more complete information about QuickBooks Payroll and are also would like clarification on what is meant by “automatic tax payment?” I understand there is also a “basic” QuickBooks payroll service. Can you direct me to complete answers regarding these services you offer? –

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How to schedule payroll set up?

Payroll schedule makes it very easy for the user to pay the debts. In the payment employees window, the next payment period and date for all the payment schedule appears. This helps to budget for upcoming disbursement.

  • If you make use QB Desktop Assisted Payroll or Direct Deposit, federal holidays and transmit lead times are included to check date and time.
  • There are optional payroll schedules. If you are running payroll for the first time, the payroll schedule can be set up by choice.
  • There can be up to 200 QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Schedule.

QuickBooks payroll schedule set up?

  1. Check what necessary information is required to schedule the payroll. It can be:
    • The name of the employees
    • The frequency of the payment of employees (how often your employees are paid)
  2. Now, go to the Employees menu and then click on the payroll centre.
  3. Now, click on the tab: Pay Employees
  4. Now, click on the drop-down menu fo payroll schedule. Now, click on New.
  5. Now, a message will pop-up: What do you want to name this payroll? Enter the field name for the payroll schedule.
  6. You can select the pay frequency to pay to your employees. It is a payment schedule.
    • For those who select pay schedule Weekly, Daily, Biweekly, Quarterly, Monthly or Annually.
      • Enter the End Date of Pay Period.
      • Enter the pay period for a particular paycheck.
  7. If you select bimonthly, a paycheck date has to be set up along with the end date of the pay period for both the paycheck of the month.
  8. Now, click on Ok.
    Now, check if the same schedule is applicable to all the employees under the same payment frequency or not. If yes, click on yes and the payroll schedule will automatically be assigned to all the schedules under the same payment frequency. If not, that means the payroll schedule will be assigned specifically to a particular employee.
  9. Now, create a paycheck table will show the payroll schedule in the table.

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