Quickbooks POS Failed to Open Company File

User Query: Our QuickBooks POS will not let us open company file.

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QuickBooks POS Failed to Open Company File is the most common error that takes place when the user tries to access the company file and failed to open it. The company file comprises of all mandatory information required for the business. Thus if you fail to access these files, it will affect the financial records. You can easily fix this glitch by following different techniques to save time & effort. This blog covers the cause, resolution of this error.

Cause of QuickBooks POS not open & failure of a login of company file :

  • Server reason: Sometimes users might have chosen client workstation instead of a server.
  • Database service failure: The failure of a POS database service manager which does not allow file login
  • Corrupted file: Sometimes the company file error occurs due to corrupted documents.
  • Connection issue: fail to reconnect file due to lost connection.
  • Compatibility issue: Sometimes the company point of sale is in a different version.

Resolution of QuickBooks POS failed to Open Company files error:

Before troubleshooting you need to follow below-mentioned points:

  • System reboots:

Perform a reboot of your computer to delete the unnecessary tasks and increase the optimum performance.

  • Sign in as an Administrator:

Users have to login as administrator mode to make configuration changes and create an operational environment.

Following is the list of steps to resolve general issues when you unable to open company file:

Update QuickBooks

Verify you have updated the software with the latest release or not. If not then perform an update.

Verify the file extension:

There are many files with different extensions present in QuickBooks Desktop. You need to discover the file extension with .qbw while opening a company file.

Find the issue in QuickBooks files:

Sometimes the information of Company files is corrupted. So check out the issue by following steps:

  • Locate the Start menu of the windows
  • Input File Explorer into the search box and hit an enter key of the keyword
  • In File, Explorer page discover the QuickBooks.exe file which is generally located in the QuickBooks folder
  • Double click on this execution file and wait till it open
  • Now Click the Company file &then rename it.

Verify the Company File:

  • The company file is failed to open then perform another test i.e. click on a sample file
  • Fill the mandatory details appearing on it
  • Select the file and click on Company operations
  • Hit on Next
  • Click on the existing company
  • Select Next.

Execute repair software:

  • For this, shifts your QuickBooks company file to another system
  • Open it on the second computer to verify that the same problem exists as in the first system
  • Go back to your parent computer in which QuickBooks software is installed and try to open the log of the company after every step
  • Locate QuickBooks tools Hub to open the QuickBooks install Diagnostic software
  • Execute this tool to start repairing of entire installation documents
  • Download QuickBooks Desktop
  • Locate QuickBooks tools Hub to open the QuickBooks install Diagnostic software.

How to reach us

Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps resolved the error message QuickBooks POS failed to open Company file error which appeared when you tried to access it. If you found any difficulty to perform any installation or to fix any QuickBooks error call the QuickBooks professional team phone number 855 481 5335.The professional is available 27*7 to patiently listen to your issues, understand them and provides a quick resolution. In case you unable to call then there is another option available to reach the team via email or do live chat for an instant reply. You can call or mail anytime from anywhere across the world, you will get the best resolution more quickly.

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