Query: I have an issue, QuickBooks cannot send invoices via email. My message says that password is incorrect, and is not….Using QuickBooks Premier. So how to email invoices from QuickBooks desktop?

Answer: Sometimes QuickBooks not sending emails and the causes can be due to this are:

In QuickBooks, the user can face problems while sending invoices to customers through email. The most common problem is that the program won’t email your invoices. Find out how to fix these issues in this article.

QuickBooks is an efficient, widely used accounting software that you can use for your small or medium-sized business. It’s been designed with top technology and user-friendly qualities that make it easy to learn and grow your business. QuickBooks improves every financial work with quick and smooth transactions. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. In this article, we’ll discuss how to send emails with solutions for the email issues of QuickBooks Desktop when sending invoices to clients through QuickBooks that prevents the email from being sent.

Causes Behind: Know Why QuickBooks Shuts Down When Emailing Invoices:

You can check various suggested resolutions if during the report or while emailing a transaction in QuickBooks Desktop, the user’s QuickBooks not sending emails & shuts down. It may be due to the following.

  • Due to Improper email setting.
  • Corrupted MAPI32.dll file
  • As administrator QuickBooks running
  • Corrupted QuickBooks installation
  • Corrupted Outlook installation
  • It could be possible that outlook opens in the background at the time of sending the email via software.

QuickBooks Email Invoices Error Symptoms

When the QuickBooks won’t email, look for the problem in these symptoms.

  • Your computer will automatically shut down
  • QuickBooks will not start.
  • Your screen is frozen and won’t work
  • QuickBooks freezes and doesn’t respond. It is likely a software bug you need to update.

There are a Few Potential Reasons That’s Why QuickBooks Email Not Working:

QuickBooks sends your invoices and statements to third parties such as email, fax, or customers. This is a common issue that users may experience while trying to send an invoice through QuickBooks. In this case, the Outlook email service provider can give users an error message like “QuickBook is unable to send your emails to Outlook.” To resolve the problem that QuickBooks won’t send email invoices, you need to know about some possible reasons for the issue and resolve them.

  • The email preferences are set incorrectly.
  • Damaged installation of QuickBooks.
  • The domain admin has been blocked.
  • Settings for Account Protection from your email provider.

The user always has the option of call our Fastfix247 QuickBooks Premier help experts to get to know more about how to fix when QuickBooks unable to send email.

1st of all, we want to make sure that your QuickBooks Desktop program is in its latest release. QuickBooks regularly offers maintenance releases and product (software) updates to resolve email issues, add functionality and improvements, and update compliance information.

2nd, Please review the settings in your web mail preferences:

  • In the top menu bar, press Edit.
  • Choose your interests.
  • On the left panel, press Submit Forms.
  • In the My Preferences tab, pick an email address that you are using.
  • Click the Edit button.
  • Pick the SSL box, or select Normal.
  • In the Server Name area, make sure the server name matches the settings of your email provider.

When the user goes to email an invoice to a client/customer, it gives them the crash or error and looks like QuickBooks cannot send invoices via email. The user can hit on OK and it triggers QuickBooks Email Invoice Problem with the error code. In this article, we will discuss the causes and its resolution of the error.

User Query: Every month I make my monthly invoices in my QuickBooks desktop and follow these steps File – Send Forms – Select Invoices – Hit Send Now. That’s It. But now my QuickBooks won’t email invoices, what’s wrong. Why AOL email unable to send all my stuck invoices.

Answer: In case your QuickBooks won’t send email and you want it to send your invoices successfully from QuickBooks via AOL, you’ll need to upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version. This help to make QuickBooks email invoices setup easily. You can use QuickBooks by following the steps below.

update quickbooks desktop
  • Go to the page that says “Update to the Latest Release.”
  • Confirm your product is chosen. If not, pick your QuickBooks product by clicking the Change connection.
  • To download the update file, click the Update button.
  • To learn how to configure QuickBooks to automatically download and install the new updates, go to Setup Automatic Updates.

Then, in QuickBooks Desktop, it is important to set up your AOL email properly or you can contact your QuickBooks technician.

How to Fix QuickBooks Email Invoice Problem?

All the problems with your invoices will be solved by this software. You just need to follow these solutions according to the problem you are facing. The problems and their solutions are as follows:-

Resolution 1: Make sure that QuickBooks is Not Processing as Administrator

  • Right tick on the QuickBooks icon, choose the Properties
  • Choose the Compatibility Tab
  • Un-select Administrator Run program
  • Choose ok and restart the software and check the error.

Resolution 2: Make Sure That Their Email Preference is Set Properly in QuickBooks

Note: If the user uses Microsoft Outlook on the Microsoft Server, the user needs to open Outlook email and sign in.

  • Select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms.
  • Tick on My Preferences icon and select the Send e-mail using and click on Ok.
  • Set preference properly, to snap it:
  • Select Edit > Preferences > Send Forms.
  • Tick on the My Preferences and choose the QuickBooks E-mail, and tick on Ok.
  • Select the Edit > Preferences.
  • Choose the Outlook, tick on ok.
  • Shut down the software and other applications.
  • Restart the computer and QuickBooks Software.
  • Email the transaction or report.

Resolution 3: Make Sure That Their Email Preference is Set Properly in Internet Explorer

  • Shut-down QuickBooks and go into the Internet Explorer.
  • Choose the Tools > Internet Options.
  • Tick on the Programs tab
  • Ensure the select the correct email program.
  • Shut-down the Internet Explorer.
  • Go into the QuickBooks.
  • Email transaction or report

Resolution 4: Repair and Test Their MAPI32.dll

All these solution steps are completely technical and need to perform by the technical team.

  • Restart PC to shut and reopen Windows.
  • A Microsoft Word blank document needs to open on the PC.
  • Choose File > Send > Email (PDF Attachment format)
  • If the issue arises during the attachment of document, they can contact our QuickBooks support.

MAPI32.dll Repairing:

  • Shut all open programs.
  • Tick Windows Start then chooses Computer.
  • Here a link will be visible C:\Windows\System32.
  • Double tick Fixmapi.exe and pursue any onscreen commands.
  • Finishes running Fixmapi.exe, restart the PC.

Read This: Unable Email Invoices from QuickBooks

MAPI32.dll Renaming:

  • Execute this if repairing MAPI32.dll does not resolve the issue.
  • Shut all open programs.
  • Here a link will be visible to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033.
  • Right-tick on MAPI32.dll, MAPI32.dll.OLD needs to rename.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Process Fixmapi.exe once more.
  • Finishes Fixmapi.exe, restart the PC.

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    Resolution 5: Reinstall QuickBooks with Clean Install Tool to Repair Email Issues in QuickBooks

    • Close all the open web pages and applications. Save any unsaved work before closing the browser.
    • Press the ‘Start‘ button and Type ‘Task Manager‘.
    • After the ‘Task Manager’ window opens and QuickBooks is activated, close the QuickBooks related windows.
    • When the clean install tool is finished, rename all of the QuickBooks application and program files.
    • Restart your computer.
    • Search through the folders that are not renamed and rename them manually.
    • Reboot the computer and then uninstall QuickBooks accounting software.
    • Put your license and Product Number together so you can easily keep track of it.
    • Download the installation files or insert the installation disc into your computer’s disc drive.
    • Click the Install button on the main screen, and then click Run in the window that appears.
    • Open QuickBooks and reactivate your software.
    • Update your QuickBooks desktop by navigating to the “Help” menu.
    • Open your QuickBooks company file and connect your email.

    Resolution 6: Repair Outlook

    Choose their version of Microsoft Outlook below for to repair.

    • Microsoft Outlook 2007
    • Microsoft Outlook 2010
    • Microsoft Outlook 2013
    • Microsoft Outlook 2016
    • Microsoft Outlook 2018

    or perform the steps below

    • Open the Control Panel, and then open the System windows.
    • With that click on the Programs option.
    • Now, click on Uninstall a program
    • After selecting a Microsoft Office program, the user must search for it on the screen.
    • To change your mind, click the ‘uninstall’ or ‘change option’ tab in the uninstall wizard and follow the instructions to remove or reinstall Windows.
    • Instructions on how to fix the MS Outlook program.
    • And then click on the finish tab
    • After the process ends, send an email from your QuickBooks calendar to Microsoft Outlook and check if the issue resolves.

    Resolution 7: Antivirus is Blocking QuickBooks to Send Email

    To resolve this problem, you need to change the permissions of your system and also need to change the settings of your virus protection software.

    • You can disable the anti-virus software while running QuickBooks or QuickBooks-related files. After you finish using the software, you have to re-enable the antivirus software.
    • You can also add QuickBooks and their files in the settings of antivirus to get your QuickBooks software running smoothly. This saves you time as you don’t have to enable or disable the software all the time.

    Resolution 8: Verifying the QuickBooks Compatibility with your Microsoft Outlook Version

    • This method requires the user to check their software version.
    • In case the user is using the updated version, they will need to verify that they’re using a Microsoft compatible version of accounting software.
    • In case the version you’re trying to update isn’t the same, then a Microsoft product update is suggested.
    • The process is easy. Just follow the steps, and you’ll be taken care of in no time.

    Resolution 9: Update the Microsoft Outlook Program

    • To use this, the user has to click on the File menu
    • After that, go for the account option
    • And go to the Product information
    • Now, decide on your Update Options then click the ‘Update Now’ button to start the update.
    • The user will get a notification when done
    • If the issue is still an issue, users should check their email account for a response.

    Should you face issues when sending invoices, your options might be limited. However, don’t worry if this troubleshooting doesn’t help you solve the QuickBooks unable to send invoices error. If the user wants to know more about their issue or queries, they can call on our Fastfix247 team Our QuickBooks professional team of experts is available round the clock.

    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    1. How Can I Check the Version of QuickBooks to fix the QuickBooks won’t Send email invoices error?

      Books Point of Sale, follow the steps mentioned here to know about the version you are using.
      1. Open the Point of Sale software on your system.
      2. Then log into this software as an Admin
      3. Click on the “Help” menu to access the options available.
      4. Choose the option to connect your desktop computer to your QuickBooks Point of Sale.
      5. You need to check the release number and the version of your software before starting any work.

    2. How to Send Invoices in Email From QuickBooks?

      Read the steps to Email Invoices from quickbooks Windows (Pro, Premier, Enterprise)
      1. Go to the center of your screen, then select Users.
      2. Click on the users you want to send an invoice to then double click on the invoice tab to open it.
      3. Select the email from the list that is “Invoices” from the center of the screen.
      4. Sign up now and start searching for your next adventure!

    3. What could be the cause of the error QuickBooks sent email invoices?

      If you’re having a problem with email, check to make sure your email settings are correct in your QuickBooks. If you still don’t get any emails then you’ll need to contact Enterprise Support for help.

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