Did you get an issue on your QuickBooks Stopped Working after Windows 10 Update after Windows 10 update and unable to open QuickBooks Desktop? Or maybe you didn’t get an error, but the QuickBooks stopped working or frozen. Don’t worry we can solve it.

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Conducting a business has become quite easy with QuickBooks. No hassle in making calculations, no trouble with preparing invoices, no doubt on the accuracy of data, and many more advantages. Isn’t it?

Everything that gives us benefit has some limitations. The case is no different with QuickBooks. Even the software doesn’t work well if not used on compatible platforms. One of the technical issues that restrict users from continuing working on it is QuickBooks stopped working or not responding.

Question: I’m using windows 10, yesterday it automatically started with updates, I have QuickBooks 2019 and after the update of windows 10, my QuickBooks crashed and returns to my desktop. Please solve my issue.

Answer: It hardly happened with QuickBooks 2019 and works fine with MS windows 10. But if you accept my suggestion, you need to purchase & install a latest QuickBooks version 2020 and upgrade your company files.
When you get the error and you don’t know how to proceed, consulting Fastfix247 people would surely be of great help.

Causes, Symptoms & Impact When QuickBooks Stopped Working

The cause of the issue can be any of the following:

  • A latest Windows 10 update
  • Incompatibility of the program
  • Company Operations screen loop issues. This is caused as Windows 10 latest update stops the Intuit Entitlement Service from functioning.

Whatever may be the reason, the repercussion is the same i.e. the working on the software is intervened. It, however, annoys managers and owners as they may need the data immediately in some cases.

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    How to Fix When QuickBooks Stopped Working or Not Opening?

    Option #1: Rename the QBWUSER.ini file

    Here are the steps to open files manually.

    • Find the folder – QBWUSER.ini.
    • Location: \Users\[name]\AppData\Local\Intuit\QuickBooks [XXXX]
    • Tap on “Rename” after right-clicking the QBWUSER.ini.
    • Add .old at the end of the company file name.
    • Rename the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file.
    • Tap a file if the application opens after renaming either EntitlementDataStore.ecml or QBWUSER.ini.

    Important Note: Changing name in the QBWUSER.INI file erases the all data stored in your list of past opened company files so you will require to re-open your files to be populated in the currently opened files list

    Option #2: Restore to a Previous Build (Version) of Windows 10

    You should restore Windows 10 to an earlier version before upgrading to ensure that you won’t lose any apps or drivers installed on the system.

    If you want to restore an older version of Windows 10, follow these steps.

    • Click the Windows Start icon on the taskbar to open the Start menu and type ‘Settings.’ On the desktop, click Update & Security.
    • Click the ‘Recovery’ tab from the left pane, and read what it says about ‘Go back to an earlier build.’ Click on the ‘Get Started’ button and follow the window prompts.
    • After restoring your operating system to an earlier build, re-install QuickBooks to see if it solves the problem.

    The Downside of this Method

    This fix is only temporary and you will no longer be able to work with apps that are in the latest version of Windows 10. This update may cause you to lose access to your email or other applications.

    Option #3: Check Compatibility

    • To open the QuickBooks folder, in the Windows search bar type QuickBooks. Once you have found it right-click on it and then select ‘Open File Location.’
    • Choose Properties
    • Click Compatibility tab
    • From there choose either Windows 7/8/8.1
    • Select Apply
    • Click OK
    • Launch the program

    Option #4: Choose Suitable Intuit Entitlement Service Version

    • Close QBPOS program
    • Press Windows + R
    • Run dialog box opens
    • Type msc
    • Press Enter
    • Choose Intuit Entitlement Service v8 for the required version
    • Right-click the version
    • Choose Properties
    • Go to Startup type drop-down list
    • Choose Automatic (Delayed Start)
    • Click Start button to begin the service if it’s not yet started
    • Click OK and close the properties window
    • Now close the Services window
    • Reopen POS program

    Option #5 Block the Internet connection with QuickBooks Access

    This workaround will block the QuickBooks executable file (QBW32.EXE) from getting access to the Internet. Disabling this QuickBooks option could damage the installation and its data, which can be crucial for your business. So, you also need to make sure that you back up your data before trying this workaround.

    You can create a firewall rule which will stop the QuickBooks executable file (QBW32.EXE) from accessing the Internet. If you have no issues with launching QuickBooks without any firewall, then you can follow these steps to set it up:

    • You can open the Control Panel, and then select Windows Firewall from there.
    • We have an advanced settings section in the left navigation pane.
    • Open the firewall’s advanced settings
    • When the “Windows Firewall with Advanced Security” window appears, go to the “Outbound Rules.” Then, at the top of the same pane, click on “Next”
    • After this, you should click on ‘New Rule Options’.
    • The Windows Firewall appears next to the advanced Security option, and then you should click on Outbound Rules.
    • When you want to create a rule for the ‘Rule Types’ window, choose the ‘Programs’ radio button. Then click the ‘Next’ tab.
    • Create new rule
    • When creating a program, the radio button on the ‘Program‘ window you need to check is ‘This Program Path’. Then you can specify your program path in the ‘Program Path’ box below.
      • For 64-bit Windows installations:
      • C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010\QBW32.EXE
      • For 32-bit Windows installations:
      • C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2010\QBW32.EXE
    • Enter QuickBooks program path
    • Press the ‘Next‘ button.
    • You need to chose the ‘Block the connection’ option on your settings, and then you need to click on next.
    • Unblock the connection to QuickBooks.
    • On the “Profile” window, you can choose from different options like your Domain, Private and Public.
    • Create different profiles to apply rules
    • Click the ‘Name‘ tab of the Windows Firewall windows to give a name to the newly created firewall rule and then click ‘Finish’
    • Close the Windows Firewall window.

    The Downside of this Method

    However, sometimes it may not work. This is because QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks data files are on different PCs.

    Option #6: Enable Sharing

    • Go to Start menu and search for sharing. This will enable Windows 10 Sharing access
    • Now select Manage advanced sharing settings
    • Check the All Networks option
    • Click the downward arrow towards the right of it
    • The settings expand
    • Choose the Turn-off password protected sharing toggle button
    • Click Save to save the changes
    • Open the software and establish a connection with the company file
    • If it still doesn’t open, you should:
      • Check the configuration or multiple configurations of QuickBooks hosting the database server (Stops Working when Accessing the Server Remotely)
      • Check the firewall port settings
      • Make sure the File Sharing configuration on the server is properly done

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    Option #7: Uninstall & Re-install QuickBooks Desktop Using a Clean Install

    quickbooks clean install utility

    You can also fix the QuickBooks stopped working windows 10 issue by uninstall and then reinstall your QuickBooks desktop using a clean install utility tool.

    When all other solutions seem to fail, you should consider some inbuilt tools to resolve the issue. Hence, use the QB Install Diagnostic Tool. The steps to be followed are as follows:

    1. Download the QBInstall tool
    2. You get instant prompt
    3. Save the file to Desktop
    4. Close the programs that are open the in the background
    5. Now run the program
    6. The process will take around 20-25 minutes to complete. Make sure your Internet connection is stable and your computer functions properly
    7. After the process is complete, restart the system
    8. Verify if the updates have been installed and the error has been resolved

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    If you face any difficulty in following the above-mentioned steps, you can unhesitatingly call Fastfix247 experts to be guided in whatever step you get stuck in.

    Well, the Fastfix247 professionals not only make you resolve the errors but also make sure to handle all the conceptual queries that you may face. Feel free to call on QuickBooks help desk support number and briefly explain the technical issue to experts sitting on the other side. You can contact them at any hour of the day.

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