Question: The installation is stuck on installing ABS PDF drive, what should I do?

Stuck Installing ABS PDF driver

During installing QuickBooks Desktop, the installer freezes, my QuickBooks stops responding, & shows pop up Installing ABS PDF Driver…” screen.

In this article, you will find the best possible ways to fix your QuickBooks problem, and in case, you get confused anywhere you always have the option to call our QuickBooks helpline, or have a Chat. Our Fastfix247 QuickBooks tech team will discuss the problem in detail, and will offer the best possible solution in no time.

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When does this error happen?


At the time of installing the QuickBooks Desktop edition, there are chances that the installer will freeze and will stop responding. Basically, it may get stuck on the “Installing ABS PDF Driver…” window. You would want to desperately get rid of it to start your QuickBooks operations.

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What are the causes of this QuickBooks freezing issue?

QB installing ABS Pdf driver issue might be linked to the internet as well. As, most of the times, this error occurs only when the internet connectivity is either slow or not. Apart from this, this error can be an outcome of any sort of issue with the device. As, QuickBooks Desktop accesses the ABS PDF to print all the transactions, therefore, it becomes utmost significant for this particular component to be installed properly.

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Now, you must be wondering how to fix this QuickBooks error?

In order to fix this QuickBooks error you may have to run the ABS PDF installer manually, without any glitch.

  • Firstly, press all these keys simultaneously; Ctrl+Shift+Esc on the keyboard, and this will open Task Manager.
  • Now, you would have to highlight the option that says Setup.exe, and afterwards, click on End Task.
  • Relax, as QuickBooks accounting solution will still be installed properly even after shutting down the installation process.
  • Now, on the keyboard, simultaneously again press all of these keys: Windows+R, and this will open up the Run command.
  • Here, you would have to type in %TEMP%, and after typing it click Enter.
  • Now, choose the Temp folder.
  • Find out either the Prx_usXXrX or the Enterprise_usXXrX folder.
  • The X’s on the particular folder are the editions, year, and release of the QuickBooks accounting solution. For instance, QuickBooks Premium 2017 R4 will show Premium_us27r4.
  • Now, click on the Third Party folder, and afterwards click on the option that reads as ABS.
  • Double-click on the ABSPDF412 setup.exe, Setup in order to run the file.
  • After the proper installation is done, open the QuickBooks Desktop solution, and then register the license.
  • In case the ABS PDF installer still crashes or stops responding, then you would have to consult our QuickBooks tech specialist to thoroughly check your system.

Our Fastfix247 technical team of experts is brimmed with immense knowledge to help at any level of your QuickBooks operations. No matter, whether you are facing this particular QuickBooks issue or any other, you are free to dial, and our team would be glad to assist you!

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