Question: Had been using QuickBooks for a while now. The QuickBooks company file is too huge. I think this is what is causing my software and system to slow down. Searched the internet but could not find any solutions. QuickBooks is completely updated and my friend optimized the setting still the System is too slow. Do not know what else I can do.

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One of the most distressing situations for a software user is when the software starts running slowly. Due to any of the reasons, related to the software, internet or the computer, the software can run slowly. The same is the case for QuickBooks accounting solution as well. At times, it does run a little slowly too. But, you do not have to worry about the slow pace as in this article we will discuss in detail about QuickBooks Running Slow – How to Fix.

Also, our QuickBooks tech support helpdesk will also give you the exact reasons and answers to your query regarding QuickBooks running slow. You can dial contact number to talk to our Fastfix247 QuickBooks technical support team.

QuickBooks running slow can be a difficult situation

QuickBooks accounting solution may start running pretty slow, and may even start doing some strange things while the user tries to take the backup of the data to an external drive or in any other situation as well.

In this case, you will generally get error messages which will stop you from performing tasks too. However, in the worst case scenarios, when you are using the normal QuickBooks features, then also QuickBooks may start running slower than expected.

In order to improve the performance of QuickBooks accounting solution while creating a backup or even otherwise, it would be perfect to perform this function on either a local location or a workstation. You would have to follow certain steps in order to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop performance problems.

How to boost the performance of QuickBooks ?

  • Make sure you have apt internet connectivity

Slow functioning of the QuickBooks accounting solution can be related to slow internet connection as well. Therefore, make sure that your internet connection is decent enough to support QuickBooks functionality.

  • Get rid of the TLG File

QuickBooks automatically makes, and even saves the TLG file together with the main file. TLG file implies the actual transaction log file. In case, the main files get removed, this TLG file is often used in restoring the lost main files. However, we do not really need the TLG files for QuickBooks. The user may choose to even delete these files without facing any data loss.

The easiest way to evade TLG files is only by creating a verified backup of all the files in the QuickBooks accounting solution. Afterwards, the TLG files will surely get blank. Also, it will start yet again.

  • Perfect management of Local Machine:

There may be a plenty of problems on the local machines like the computers, laptops, or even the mobiles which are being used to access QuickBooks accounting solution. The cloud services are not very much reliant on these local machines. Therefore, it is suggested to timely clear up the cookies and cache memory on a constant basis.

Steps above will surely help you boost the performance of QuickBooks. For more info, you may contact our QuickBooks helpdesk by dialing above number. Our Fastfix247 QuickBooks technical experts will help you with anything related to QuickBooks!

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