The Payroll services for QuickBooks software are subscriptions that are automatically renewed. However, before renewal, users receive a renewal notice for the payroll service. Depending on the subscription term of renewal, monthly or annually, the bank account or credit card on the file is debited, and the invoice notice is mailed to the billing contact. In case the automatic renewal fails, users may receive subscription alerts in their QuickBooks.

To resolve this inconvenience, select the alert type you received in QuickBooks, and perform the required steps.

Know How To Reactivate QuickBooks Account for Payroll

There are multiple reasons due to which your QuickBooks re-activation may fail. This may be due to an invalid bank account or credit card is expired:

Follow the steps to reactivate QuickBooks Payroll:

You must have a QuickBooks payroll service alert window opened on the screen.

  1. Click on the reactivate account.
  2. Now, use your Intuit sign-in account to log-in to Intuit. If you are unable to sign-in successfully, you can connect with us or see Intuit guide.
  3. Now, select the re-activate link in the service information section.
  4. Review your payroll service detail.
  5. To checkout, select the proceed button.
  6. Now, select the mode of payment of your choice (You may use the payment option which you have used to renew the service previously)
  7. Enter the CVV and then click on the Submit button.
  8. Click on the Continue button.
  9. Now, Place the Order.
  10. Select Next.

If you don’t want to re-activate now or maybe you want to reactivate later. Limited service period is available to you to avoid all sort of interruption. You can update your tax table and run the payroll in the time period.

If your subscription has expired:

All the QuickBooks features like Payroll Forms, Payroll Taxes and other Automatic Calculations) turn-off if you don’t buy the subscription on time.

Follow the procedure to reactivate QuickBooks Payroll Service:

You must have a QuickBooks payroll service alert window opened on the screen.

  1. Use your Intuit Sign-in credentials to log-in to the account. Get our help if you feel problem while signing-in.
  2. Select the reactivate link in the service information section.
  3. Now, review the payroll service details and credentials.
  4. To check out, click on proceed.
  5. Now, choose the mode of payment as per your choice.
Follow the same procedure as mentioned above.

For more information, dial our QuickBooks toll-free support +1855-481-5335 or we are also available through our official e-mail address Reach us and get instant help from our QuickBooks experts. Live Chat Support is also available 24/7.

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