Issue: I purchased a new computer with windows 10 pro 15-11 64 bit and I’m trying to load my quickbooks premier 2016 on to it and i keep receiving error message 1904 failed to register. i have tried all the repair options provided and keep running into the same problem.

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How can i tried this QuickBooks support number but its keeps buzy, plz get me any other QuickBooks technical support number.

A failed installation results while installing any software on a machine that has a processor supporting data execution prevention, better known as ‘DEP’. It might also have a Windows XP Service Pack 2 also called ‘SP2’ which basically leads to this failure.

In such a case error 1904 – QuickBooks fails to register while Installing or an analogous error message gets returned and displayed.

About Error 1904

On trying to install a Recovery Solution, error message for ERROR 1904 gets displayed. This happens because the module’s ‘path and file name’ fail to register. In such a scenario, you must contact a support personnel. They can help you locate where path and filename are.

This will basically complete the entire path specified in Error 1904, omitting the apostrophes. Your options are to click Cancel, Retry, or Ignore. If you click Cancel, a message appears asking whether you want to quit Setup. If you click Retry, the error message reappears. If you click Ignore, Setup should continue.

Causes of Error 1904 when QuickBooks fails to register while installing

As of now, data execution prevention (DEP) is enables. It is a feature included in all the latest processors. What is DEP? Nothing but a set of hardware and software technologies used to carry out additional checks on memory. These checks protect a system from malicious software and code exploits. Some causes of the error 1904 cropping in your system could be the following:

  • The file you are trying to open has not been installed correctly.
  • The file you are trying to access is corrupt.
  • Other programs, are running on top of this corrupt file or are using a particular version of it. This may include memory-resident files or even an anti-virus program.

Troubleshooting Error 1904

In order to troubleshoot your error 1904, you should follow the steps listed below.

  • First you have to run the install the diagnostic tool of your system.
  • In case an error message crops up, simply click Ignore.
  • You must let installation of the program to complete.
  • Defer from opening or accessing the desktop application now.
  • Once installation is complete, restart your computer.
  • If installation is still incomplete, download and run your Install Diagnostic Tool again.
  • Reboot your computer.

In case you followed all the above steps did not resolve your issue, you need to activate built-in Administrator. Then you have to install the software from built in admin account. If you are not sure about what to do yet, contact our FASTFIX247 technical support experts for immediate assistance. You may proceed with the below resolution steps.


  1. Our team of QuickBooks tech support experts at FASTFIX247 can resolve Error 1904 in your system within a jiffy. They execute the following steps to troubleshoot and disable DEP in Windows XP SP2:
  • First you have to verify of the user is logged in as an Admin or not
  • Then simply go to start and navigate to control panel. Here you have to select the System applet.
  • Select the Advanced tab.
  • Under Startup and Recovery, go to Settings button.
  • Look for ‘To edit the startup options file manually, click Edit’
  • Here, clicks the Edit button to open boot.ini file in Notepad.
  • There is a line containing the following string:


  • Try to modify the string. Change switch to read:


  • Save this file
  • Reboot your system
  • This will lead to resolution of Error 1904
  • Now install your software again and after installation, change the boot.ini back to original state/NoExecute=OptIn

Another quick resolution to resolve Error 1904 is as follows:

  • Simply click on ‘Ignore’: In most situations, you can safely click Ignore. When you do so, the recovery solution will finish installation. Your program will then work correctly.
  • Manual registration: To manually register your file do the following:
    • Click Start
    • Go to Run
    • In the box that opens, type command RegSvr32 ‘filename’
    • Click OK
    • The place where filename is specified in Error 1904, omit apostrophes.
    • You will see a message ‘file is now correctly registered.’
  • Clean-Start the Computer: No other program should be running Avoid memory-resident and anti-virus programs. Go for Selective Startup and ensure clean running. A clean boot uses minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This will avoid software conflicts.
  • Empty the Temp Directory: Files interfering with recovery software install should be deleted.

If you receive a message that the file is not registered, call our certified FASTFIX247 QuickBooks tech support team experts for immediate assistance on .

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