How to Re Enter Paycheck In QuickBooks

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If there is any Direct Deposit Paycheck, you need to recreate that paycheck with net pay of $0. Since the direct deposit liability will reflect the total amount of direct deposit in it. Your check register will be balanced and duplicate entries will be eliminated.

Follow the steps to Create the Replacement Paycheck:

  • Now, create Payroll Item of Direct Deposit Offset.
  • Now, enter employees and click on pay employees.
  • Enter Pay Period and Check Date that matches the voided paycheck.
  • Now, select the affected employee and place a check mark on it. Now, click on an open
  • Use Direct Deposit in the preview paycheck window and clear it. You will see the option in the top-right corner.
  • Now, recreate the paycheck just like the previous paychecks. Enter Salary, Hours and other relevant Payroll items.

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  • Now, open other relevant Payroll section and enter Offset Direct Deposit Payroll Item
  • Enter the Direct Deposit Payroll Offset item. It is similar to the net Paycheck Amount. (At first, it will show a negative number)
  • Now, the paycheck amount needs to be changed to 0. Press Tab and make a change.
  • Now, click on Save and Close –> Go to the Create Paycheck and the check will be recorded.
  • For the first quarter of the paycheck, or if you get post-dated paychecks than the one you created. Click on Run Payroll Checkup.

To replace the paybooks:

  1. See the original paycheck, DO NOT VOID it.
  2. Double-click on paycheck in the Check register and then open the edit window. Here you will see To be printed flag, reset it.
  3. Now, use new check number and then reprint the paycheck. Keep the check date original, don’t make changes in it.
  4. Now, go to the regular (Write) Check Window.
  5. Go to the pay to the field, enter the name of the employees. Go to the check face in the memo line and then check the new check date (new #)
  6. Enter the Account: Payroll-expense, it is in the expense under stub. It should be of zero amount.
  7. Now, find the “To be printed flag” and then click on Uncheck button and then enter the old check number. From the fields, click on Edit, Check Void and then click on the voided check.

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