Hi I just got QuickBooks Pro-2019, I had Pro-2013, I installed 2019 and now I am trying to open my company files. When I click on the QuickBooks icon it doesn’t have any of my 3 company files there. Can you help me retrieve them/restore them into pro-2019. Is this maybe easier to do if I call? Thanks for helping me….


QuickBooks Query – User just got new QuickBooks Pro software installed and upgraded from his previous 2013 version to the new 2016 version. However, after installing the QuickBooks Pro 2019 version the company files are not getting opened. When the user clicks on the icon of QuickBooks it does not open any of the three company files user has saved and backup.

QuickBooks has been gaining popularity in the accounting industry. It’s considered a luxurious piece of software and is also known for its gossip-worthy controversies. However, there are certain instances where users get stuck and need help. Our article will discuss the step-by-step process of restoring a backup of your company file on QuickBooks’ desktop. If you’re not familiar with Backups, this post is for you!

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What Do you Mean by Restoring Backup For QuickBooks?

When corruption occurs to the QBW file, it becomes inaccessible and locks up the financial data of an organization. That’s when you’ll want to employ a manual method for restoring your company’s QuickBooks company file from a backup copy. This is only possible if you make your last local backup before the corruption occurred. To restore the previous backup of your company’s file, you will have to have the password for your admin account. Read on to find out how.

Steps to Restore Backup Files in QuickBooks Desktop

When you’re trying to restore a backup file created by QuickBooks, the software will use it instead of creating a new one. However, if the file is still on the external drive, you’ll have to transfer it to your local computer before continuing. You can download the file and find a place where you can easily access your files by going to the “Options” tab on the “Downloads” section. Now that you’re aware of all the facts, it’s time to start downloading.

  • The first step is to navigate to the File menu and then choose the Open or restore company option. This will open up the restore wizard.
  • If you’re experiencing a problem with your backup copy, simply click “Restore a backup copy” and then choose the .qbb extension. After that, make sure to click on Next.
  • Now, after carrying out the above step, choose the Local backup option. This will now open up a window that allows you to make a local backup copy of your file.
  • If you need to revert back to a backup file, please follow the steps outlined below.
  • After you choose Backup in the File type window, tap on Open and then Next.
  • Make sure that naming your backups and the original files so they don’t overwrite each other is always a good idea. We suggest renaming files or saving backups in different folders so you are unlikely to lose important data.
  • This would not allow you to hit on the Save option from the drop-down arrow. Navigate to the location where your backup file is, then restore it.
  • It is important to choose the Backup file and hit the Save option. This drives you towards the end of a process, where it’s important to use this opportunity to save your work.

Steps to Restore a Backup of QuickBooks Company File from the Local Backup

There are a few steps you need to take to restore your company file, but before we get into the process, you need to move the file from its current location. The steps are as follows:

  • Hit the File menu and then select Open or restore company to open your previously created company.
  • Restore a backup copy and make sure you are done before proceeding to the next step. Then, tap on Next.
  • Once you’ve saved the company file on a removable device, the Data Recovery Wizard will ask you where your company file is saved. The wizard will then provide options to restore the broken backup or any other known backups stored on network or removable media.
  • Next, hit on Next and then Continue after making a choice between Online backup and local backup.
  • Now, the Open backup copy dialog box that appears allows you to navigate to the Local backup and select it for the restoration process.
  • Opt for the Open tab in the Open backup copy dialog box and then return to the Open or restore company window.
  • In order to restore a file, start by hitting the window titled Where do you want to restore the file? Screen. From there, you need to click on the Next tab.
  • If you need to overwrite a Damaged company file with an older backup file, simply hit on the Save company file dialog box and then choose the Damaged company file. Then, choose the “overwrite with data from a backup copy” option.
  • Next step involves you to opt for the Company file and then hit on the Save tab.
  • Followed by clicking on Yes and then replace the selected company file.
  • Now, type Yes in the text box in the delete entire file window and then hit the OK tab.
  • You can password protect your Quickbooks login by setting a password and entering it into the QuickBooks login dialog box. Then, tap on the OK tab to access your data.
  • Now just enter a different name for the admin account into this field.
  • In order to login, enter the password for your user account in both the new password and Confirm password fields.
  • Enter a challenge question and find out your score!
  • Hit the OK button to finish restoring.
  • After you’ve finished editing the company file, save it and the process is complete.

How to Restore the Backup Company File to Current New Version of QuickBooks Pro from the Older Version?

In order to restore the backup copy saved from earlier version of QuickBooks Pro 2013 to QuickBooks 2019 version, proper instructions are provided below is steps. However before proceeding further user should be aware that once the backup copy has been restored to current version, it cannot be accessed through the earlier QuickBooks Pro version software. One way is to have a backup copy before conversion of the software and to open QuickBooks with the older copy of company file backup. In this case the user will have to manually re-enter required data of all the transactions that have happened later on.

The road to restore Company File of older version to current version is illustrated below:

  • Open QuickBooks Pro 2019 and from File menu tab select Open or Restore Company.
  • Highlight and click on option Open or Restore a Backup Copy followed by Next.
  • Now select option labeled Local Backup and then again on Next tab.
  • A drop down menu under Look In option will come into effect from where the user has to choose the appropriate place of file location.
  • Click on the backup file of your choice that should be labeled in the given format – [Company Name].qbb.
  • Now the user should select Open option and then follow it with Next tab.
  • Under drop down menu of Save in option select the place where the file has to be restored.
  • As per the fields gives, provide appropriate information like New File Name against File Name box.
  • In the end click on Save and reply to pop-up messages as per your knowledge and restart the system.

If these instructions don’t work for you, it shouldn’t take long to get in touch with our certified accounting and bookkeeping professionals. They are experts in QuickBooks desktop, so reaching out to them is the best course of action if your issue isn’t resolved immediately. This should easily restore the backup file; however, if the issue still persists you can connect with us at our toll free number   and live chat option on our website – fastfix247.com.

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