Payroll audit in QuickBooks

Every type of business tax audit is a stressful task, which requires claims, pieces of evidence and reports of the last financial year. It basically depends on the institution or agency that conducts the audit and makes the report. Most of the agencies or institutions require a few standard reports. However, there may be some slight difference in the paperwork requirement. While you won’t get or find any missing pay stub or receipt.

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Profit & Loss Statement – Income Report

It is available in QuickBooks report menu, the financial and the company section consist of in the income statement. Every transaction is reported in all expense and income accounts in the income statement, the final report of profit & loss statement for a financial year. The report, with the help of its supporting documents like invoices and checks, is used to verify and explain the profit and loss that you receive in the whole financial year. 

Adjustment columns can also be activated in the reports. This displays all the manual changes that have been adopted in the amounts the software has imported over the expense and income report.

The moto behind this is to notify that the amount has not been manipulated.

Detailed Report of Income Transaction:

The detailed report of income transaction gives a complete overview of small business income. The income report signifies the statement on which the profit has been received. It also signifies which payment has been received by the customer. Ideally, the date and invoice number support and show the payment that has been received from the customer. 

It also helps you understand and make sure that all your profits, transaction details and invoices meet the income statement that has been made.

Challenges you may face while processing QuickBooks Payroll

Expense Report and Transaction Details

The Income and Expense section comprises an expense report and transaction details. It is actually in the QuickBooks report. Opposite to that, just by double-clicking on the total, you can easily gain access to the income & expense report. It gives you an eye-for-detail to all your transactions and then leads you to the documentation (receipts and pay stubs) that you may require to match with the total expense figure.

Audit Trail Report

Don’t take it as a financial report. This report shifts all the changes into a chronological order that you have made in your accounting documents – including manual and automatic edits & inputs. It is under the Accountant & Taxes section menu. With this, you can easily identify dates, multiple employees, unauthorized changes and unverified users. 

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