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Now that you have subscribed to Sage 50 subscription, during the setup process, the program will create a registration point in your Windows OS so that it can run automatically whenever a user stats booting the PC. Peachtree renders bug fixes and possibly new features via this update mechanism.

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The service is meant to run continuously by adding a background controller service.

Although there are benefits of the automatic updates, users often complain that every time they start sage, an update starts as well and it never stops!!!

When you see the notice for an update there is no central control over it. Every user will see the same notice and someone is bound to click on “Install Now” resulting in a major holdup. You must have a good expert to tell when is the good time to allow these automatic updates; at right time and in a proper manner.

To avoid all this, at least it’s important to set the system in a way where the right person can manually do it.

Drawbacks of Peachtree Sage 50 automatic updates

More often than not, you wouldn’t want these updates to run incessantly as these messages are nagging enough and become highly unwarranted.

  • There are clients that run multiple sessions and multiple versions of Peachtree Sage 50 Accounting on a terminal server
  • If one user installs the update, in all likelihood, all users will have to install the update
  • When a new product update or a version is released, every user will get a prompt to update to the new version shutting down your business process for sometime
  • It involves taking a complete backup, getting everyone out of Sage
  • Many a times there are bugs in the update that pose more challenges than what it aims at rectifying

When to allow for these automatic updates?

When some critical info needs to be updated which is likely to impact other reports etc. these fixes rectify significant bugs at times

Here is how to delete or turn off an update?

At times, when already an update is installed, users may still see a message to update but there isn’t anything that is really required.

Step 1: First check if a scheduled update is important?

  • Go to QB Help – go to Update
  • Click on Options tab – locate the Download Location – there are a number of folders underneath it (Accountant, Guide, Help, Message, Newfeatures, Patch, SyncMgr)

Note: Check the Patch Folder. It has a file named AboutPatch.htm which has a list of changes proposed in the update. Sometime it will suggest some useful about the new releases that may compel you to run an update instead ***

Step 2: Uninstall Sage Auto Update completely

In Windows, Go to Start Menu – Control Panel – Programs

When you find the Sage Auto Update – Click Uninstall and you are done with it.

Step 3: How to set Sage 50 to “Only when it is a planned upgrade”

Tools – Options – tick Manual for each PC

What to check before allowing for a Sage 50 update?

When opting for an update, it’s important to check if the required specifications are met.

You can call our Sage support helpline Fastfix247 which is an independent one-stop solution for all your Sage related problems. Just speak to our expert so that they can access the following:

  • If the computers have the requisite system requirements
  • Whether the latest updates for Windows has been installed
  • If you’re installing Sage on a network, whether you have the required permissions
  • To check if your firewall or antivirus software hasn’t blocked the Data Service and check if the required ports are open before the updates
  • Taking a proper backup of all your companies in Sage 50 is very important before updating

You can call fastfix247 for any issues, fixes or questions related to Sage and get a speedy solution. We are just a phone call away with best fixes and solution to problems related to Sage.

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