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User Query: I have a QuickBooks POS single station setup and I’m wanting to transfer it to a different desktop because mine stopped working. How can I get a copy of QuickBooks POS 2013, QuickBooks 2014, QuickBooks 2015, QuickBooks 2016, QuickBooks 2017, QuickBooks 2018, QuickBooks 2019, QuickBooks 2020, QuickBooks 2021 so I can transfer my license over. Any idea how to get QuickBooks desktop support or do I have to purchase any new licenses for each user in our office?

Here’s how you can transfer in different desktop:

  • Search the restored backup file on the new computer.
  • Find the folder called Restored_CompanyName_Files.
  • Copy the file you would like to restore Manually, then paste it to the ideal location.

Here are some of the correct locations when doing the manual copies for each file:

  • QuickBooks Letters and Templates – C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks [version]\QuickBooks Letter Templates
  • Printer Setting (PrintEng.ini, wpr.ini, and QBPrint.qbp) – C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks [version]
  • Financial Statement Designer (FSD clients) – C:\Program Data\Intuit\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files\FSD\Clients
  • Cash Flow Projector (.cfp) – [Company Name].qbw

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