User Query: Using QuickBooks Mac and after update now I am getting the error message “The SQL Database Service is not started“. Error in reload.sql at line xxxxx” messages when opening a portable company file or accountant’s copy transfer file in QuickBooks for Windows. What is this SQL error in QuickBooks?


  1. Error in reload.sql at line 29886. Sometimes user sees as well you can not convert hex string to a varbinary.
  2. Error in reload.sql at line 25514. This errors when you open an accountant’s copy transfer file (.QBX).
  3. Error in reload.sql at line 40454. The file [file_name] is invalid when the disk sandbox feature is enabled for database ‘[database]’

How to fix: You just need to recreate and resend the file to your accountant:

SQL Database Service not Started When Using QuickBooks Mac Desktop

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  • Open the company file from which the accountant’s copy transfer file was prepared.
  • Remove the copy limit imposed by the accountant.
  • Make a new accountant’s copy and mail it to your accountant.

Note: Remember when your transfer portable company file (.QBM), or accountant’s copy (.QBX) it should not be larger than 3MB.

Solutions: Just need to move your file to the computer where you use QuickBooks:

Step 1: Update QuickBooks to the latest release
Step 2: Move the file locally
Step 3: Open or restore the QuickBooks file
Step 4: Repair QuickBooks
Step 5: Clean install QuickBooks
Step 6: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool


Q: I’m wondering whether it’s QuickBooks because my server keeps downloading and installing new drivers. Does anyone understand what I’m saying? QuickBooks became unresponsive and froze. My pc has a SQL Anywhere Server, as I can see. I’m not sure what it is or why it exists.

A: This problem can be solved by condensing your data. We have other options as well. Keep in touch with our team.

Q: I am using QuickBooks enterprise, today my QuickBooks has encountered an error while copying your starter file data: Error in reload.SQL at line 365. Sybase message: Primary key for table “ambc_account_user” is not unique: Primary key value (‘1’). What to do?

A: Please check if your new file is larger than 3MB. or QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Enterprise is outdated. Your solution would be: QuickBooks installation latest version & note that file is saved on a different computer or via a network when you create it.

quickbooks reload sql error
QuickBooks reload sql error in line 365.

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