I’m having trouble balancing my bank statement. This is what happened: None of the bank payments (the two loans and the $**K to the MM) got downloaded from the bank and made it into QuickBooks.

So I created them by coping last month’s transactions and changing only the date so that they would be done the exact same way. When I went back into the rec after creating the three the $**K loan payment and the $*K transfer to the MM showed up but the $**k loan wasn’t there. I went back into the TD vendor and could see it there but not on the rec, I tried trashing the rec and starting over but it still wasn’t there.

So I deleted the transaction in the vendor and created another. That one showed up on the rec but the rec is now off by that exact amount. It’s looking for the payment that I deleted even though there are not two in the vendor and I couldn’t see the payment to clear it, it somehow think it’s still there. I’m not sure what to do.

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