Be it accounting or inventory management, sales or payroll services, QuickBooks has made everything just easy to track and handle. But there are rare instances where you can face some issues while working on QuickBooks.

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We will be discussing one such error, which is termed as QuickBooks condense data errors. This error occurs when you want to get your data archived and QuickBooks Condense repair is required. Let’s have a look how to resolve QuickBooks condense data error. The error that flashes is ‘QuickBooks Condense Repair’.


I work for a big pharmacy house and by mistake I condensed one of my companies’ data. I have a huge file and trying to do condense feature. But I can’t condense it, getting a message about an integrity error. I try to rebuild it and its works fine and then try to condense again, but still I can’t. I’m using QuickBooks Pro 2017 version. Do you help me what to do now?

By following the steps given below you can Condense QuickBooks company file:

  • Firstly tap on File and then go to Utilities and then to Condense Data command
  • Make sure that transaction is selected before the button of specific date radio
  • Then ensure that remove transactions are specified before the date
  • Tap on Next once you are done defining which transactions should be removed by QuickBooks
  • Clearly get defined that how the inventory transactions will be condensed after doing that tap on next
  • Clearly specify that you are going to remove which specifications and then tap on Next
  • Then get any of the list cleanup specified that has to occur after doing that click on Next
  • Then get your archiving and condensing operation confirmed
  • Then click on begin condense
  • When prompted get the data file backed up

Fixing up the QuickBooks Condense Data Error:

By implementing these solutions, you can easily resolve the minor issues with data of the company file. For further queries, you can always get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support team.

  • Condense transactions doesn’t get removed.

Transactions that are removed by the QuickBooks Condense are as follows:

  • Payroll transaction for which the W2 of employee is not checkedz by chance
  • If refund checks, credit memos, invoices and payments are linked incorrectly with each other
  • Payments that remain recorded in the undeposited funds and you fail to get them deposited to the bank account
  • Bill payment checks, bill credits or bills are linked incorrectly
  • Estimates linked to the invoices. Estimates are non-posting hence they can’t be condensed in journal entries reserved for posting. It’s recommended to get such transactions deleted
  • Sales tax is payed by using the ‘Pay Sales Tax Screen’. When the sales tax is payed through cheques, the invoices are left open. Getting the sales tax payment replaced with the cheques. Make sure that amount and date are same as provided in the cheques. Makes sure that sales tax payments are reconciled
  • Transactions linked with the transaction of non-condensable nature. If we go by the example then: say invoice is entered for the date 11/15/2015 and the payment was provided on the date 6/15/2016 and the condense was run through the 11/31/2015. The payment doesn’t gets condensed in this situation because it is not within the period of condense and invoice too doesn’t get condensed because it is linked with the non-condensed transaction

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