Unable Email Invoices from 2015 QuickbooksQuery: What the user should do when he fails to email the invoices from QuickBooks 2015 version?

Invoices play a very important part in any business. They are imperative for the sales made especially on credit. If the customers fail to pay on time while the sale is made you have to maintain a track the total amount you owe so that you can assure yourself receive payment it in the future. For the QuickBooks users you have to configure Desktop to email invoices, reports and other transactions via web mail or MS Outlook. You need to ensure that your Outlook is compatible with your QuickBooks version by checking the Desktop system requirements.

Possible Reasons:

  • Incorrect configuration of the email preference
  • Damaged MAPI32.dll file
  • QuickBooks program running as administrator
  • Corrupt/Damage QuickBooks installation. Damaged Outlook installation.
  • MS Outlook is running in the background while sending the email through QB

How to Fix the Error?

  • Click on Edit on the top menu bar
  • Choose Preferences at the bottom
  • Preferences window will crop up
  • On the left highlight Send Forms
  • Select My Preferences tab
  • Choose the email account you are using -> Click Edit
  • Check the email id, email provider, server name and port
  • Click OK.

After following the steps completely you can attempt emailing your forms in QuickBooks.

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