Query: The user installs QuickBooks on the other computer as it was installed on one computer only. Please assist in configuring multi user as the Server?Unable to open the file in QuickBooks Multi User

QuickBooks is well designed and strong accounting software that helps the small business owner to raise sales, profits by automating the regular accounting functions and save time in abundance. The software comprises of advanced financial management features and tools that result in the smooth running of the business. The user is benefited to use the software in the multi user mode. It permits more than one user to work on the organizational file at the simultaneously. You be authorized access to the company file on one computer while other QuickBooks users are working on the same company file on different computers.

To open and access the company files you need to configure the multi user set up within QuickBooks. You need to consider few of the things when you are setting up multi user in your system. They are:

  • QuickBooks User Licenses: QuickBooks multi-user configuration depends upon the number of user licenses you have. This determines the number of people who can use QuickBooks software.
  • File Sharing Setup: File sharing is imperative in multi-user setup. Because if you do not share your company file, the other users fail to access it no matter how many licenses you have.
  • QuickBooks Database Manager: QuickBooks Database Server Manager is a tool that you can use to set up multi-user access. Knowing this tool is important in case you are going for multi-user setup.

For setting of multiple-user you need to follow the below steps:

  • Open QuickBooks program
  • In case you are prompted to update your company file -> Update your file to the new version
  • Go to the File menu -> Click Utilities -> Click Host Multi-User Access.
  • In case you view the message Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, it means your server is hosting multi-user access. When you see this message -> Click Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, and follow through the notification.

After, re-check the permissions to share a company file. The specific QBDataServiceUser for your version of QuickBooks needs Full Control access to the folder containing your QuickBooks company file. After that use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to scan company files:

  • Go to the Start button on the QB hosting system -> Click Programs -> Click QuickBooks -> Click QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Choose the Scan Folders
  • Select the Add Folder button
  • Click the folders that comprise of company files -> then click OK
  • Click Add Folder again to add additional folders
  • Start scanning by clicking the scan tab
  • When scanning completes
  • Click Close.

Done! Now other users can log in to the company file. Open QuickBooks on another computer on your network -> Open the company file -> log in. Ensure that they browse to the computer that is the destination of the company file when they open the company file.

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