How to Update QuickBooks Payroll Services

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QuickBooks payroll service is a subscription that is renewed automatically, and the credit card or bank account is debited at the start of any subscription term. The cost of the subscription is displayed on the Subscription Renewal window. Users may also cancel Basic, Enhanced, or Standard Payroll service any time via Online Cancellation tool.

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Before you update QuickBooks Payroll Services, ensure the following:

  • You have active payroll subscription as well as access to QuickBooks application on a computer with INTERNET connectivity.
  • The payroll service key is already entered in the QuickBooks application to start the payroll subscription

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Following are the steps to update QuickBooks Payroll Services:

  • Click on Employees, then select My Payroll Service
  • Next click on Billing/Account Information or the Preference/Account Info
  • Sign in using login account. You will need to type in your Users ID name and password
  • Once you are logged in, click on the information that you are required to update.

If you haven’t Created any New Bank Account, use QuickBooks Desktop Chart of Accounts to set up the New Bank Account

  1. Click on List –> Now, click on Chart of Accounts.  
  2. Click on the Accounts Button and then click on the New. 
  3. Now, select the Bank and click on Continue. 
  4. Enter the Information of your Bank Account 
  5. Click on Save & Click on OK and the changes will be saved. 

Clear Form Overrides

Until or unless you clear the override manually, they remain in the payroll tax as they are. The
calculation over the other forms may be affected due to override or it can be on some other

If you want to remove any override, follow these steps. However, this can affect the
calculations that you have made currently in the tax form. Here are some of the steps you need
to follow to remove override:

  • Click on the Actions and then click on the Edit Payroll Tax Forms.
  • If you haven’t selected it, open the drop-down and then select the right client from the
    top-right corner.
  • Now, the form type will open, click on the form type: Mark quarter, field year of
    processing checkbox.
  • Now, select the Refresh button.
  • Click on Edit and then click on the Clear Form Override. All the amount that are
    manually input will be removed. (The whole information is available in the red colour.)
  • Now, check the amount in the form 941 and then press continue as usual.

Use Maintenance Page in QuickBooks Accounts to Update Bank Account Information:

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop, click on Employees –> Click on My Payroll Service –> Billing/Accounts Information. 
  2. Use your QuickBooks Credentials to log-in to your Account. 
  3. Now, go to the Direct Deposit, enter the Bank Account Details. 
  4. Click on OK for the message that will appear on the screen. 
  5. Now, enter the PIN Number and then click on Submit. 
  6. Enter the new bank account details and select Submit. 
    1. The Intuit services return the posted transactions, you to select that particular bank account in QuickBooks. It is very imperative that you update the chart of account (Bank Account) while changing the bank account. It is the same location where fees and paychecks are posted. 
    2. Go to the Menu, click on Employees, Now, click on Send Payroll Data. 
    3. Now, go to the Send/Receive Data Window, Click on Preferences. Enter preferences as per Account requirement. 
    4. Now, click on OK and the changes will be saved. 
    5. Click on Close and then click on Send/Receive Data Window.

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