Now that we take it as you have successfully downloaded the latest version of QuickBooks. QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2022, its time to get to know about the steps to upgrade your QuickBooks Company Files to the latest available version. Here are the steps you need to follow to upgrade your company files. Before that, here is a brief of how you can download the upgrade and install it.

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Following these tips will help you before you Upgrade or Convert the File.

Here are some things to consider before you upgrade or convert your company file.

  • To update the QuickBooks file, you must be the admin user.
  • We do not recommend upgrading the company file over a network.
  • When you update or convert your company file, you won’t be able to open it in the previous version anymore.
  • The Pro or Enterprise versions are now only available on the new version of the software.
  • Enterprise company files only work in a desktop edition of QB.
  • Ensure that your file has been checked, rebuilt and updated before upgrading or converting it.
  • Intuit makes it easy to upgrade company file. Contact Quickbooks support service providers in case any error pops up.

Step 1: Install QuickBooks Accounting Software

  1. Log-in to QuickBooks Desktop with admin credentials
  2. Now, go to the Help menu and then download the latest version of QuickBooks
  3. Initiate Installation procedure. Follow all on-screen instruction to install the upgrade.

Upgrade QuickBooks to the latest available version

Step 2: Prepare Your Company File for the Upgrade

First of all, follow Step 2 and then follow step 3 for successful and error-free upgrade process:

  1. First, open the present version of QuickBooks Software. Now, select which company file you want to upgrade, open it. 
  2. Here, you need to open the product information window. To do so, press F2
  3. Check-out the file information section and then check the location where your company file is saved.
  4. The rebuild tools prepare the company files for all types of upgrades. Run the tool.

Step 3: Start the Company File Upgrade Process

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When you open QuickBooks company file to the newer version, It, for the first time, as for the company ile upgrade. Always make sure that you have a copy of the company file as once the company file is upgraded, you won’t be able to open the company file to its previous version. 

  1. First of all, make sure that all the users have logged-out of QuickBooks and company file.
  2. Open the upgraded version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. For not having the company file opened, you need to open & restore. Now, click on the File menu and then click on Open & Restore Company.
  4. Here, you will see open a company file option, click on Next. Now, restore the back-up of the company file (QBB) instead of the company file (QBW) and then create a local backup.
  5. You must be having the file location in step 1, browse the company file from your system. Select it and then click on open.
  6. Use your admin credentials to open the company file.
  7. First, take the backup of the company file. QuickBooks automatically takes the backup. Then start the upgrade process. 
  8. Click on update now and then start the upgrade process.
  9. Wait for the process to finish. Once finished, click on Done.

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Step 4: To Convert or Upgrade your company file

You first have to install the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop software and then you can upgrade/convert your company file.

Only Admin user can convert or upgrade company file in QuickBooks

  • If you’re the only person with access to this file, then you’re an administrator and you’ll need to sign into the “Admin” user to continue.
  • If you want to upgrade the QuickBooks file, you will receive a message that says “The Company file needs to be updated”.
  • Please ask your QuickBooks administrator to update the company file.

Never update your QuickBooks Company file over a network

  • It’s not important to update company files while they are stored on a network or mapped drive. This will make the file vulnerable to conversion and could cause problems.
  • You must save the company file to your desktop when you close the software.

An Upgraded QuickBooks Data file can’t be opened in previous versions.

  • If you convert the QuickBooks Company file to a newer version, you won’t be able to open the older version of QuickBooks anymore.
  • QuickBooks Desktop backs up your data file before updating it. If you want to return to the older version, you can always restore this back up with your previous version of QuickBooks.
  • If the upgrade process is interrupted for any reason, you can restore the backup to restart the upgrade.

QuickBooks Enterprise Client editions allow users to import data just like any other file.

If you want to know how to update or convert a file, we will show you the steps below.

  • Check your company data file and make sure that it’s correct.
  • The qbwin.log file is created by the program whenever a problem occurs during the verification process and should be used to identify and solve errors.
  • We need to compare the modified data before we can go any further. We do this by running verification utilities.


To know more in detail on QuickBooks Company File Upgrade or if any error arises, call us, we are also available through Live Chat Support.

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