Computer upgraded to windows 10 overnight. Quickbooks POS 10.0 will not open company file

Query – User has recently performed upgrade of their Windows Operating System and is facing issue in opening their QuickBooks Point of Sale v10 software. The computer hosting the QuickBooks POS v10 got upgraded to Window 10 operating software. When the user next tried to open his Point of Sale software afterward, it did not respond.

The issue faced by the user is quite irregular and is met with few users, while other has been able to continue with their QuickBooks POS without much fuss. The problem creator is – Intuit Entitlement Service v6.0 which when integrates with QuickBooks Point of Sale v10 allows the user to connect the application and company file. However at times user ends up in a glitch and company file does not respond favorably with the QuickBooks POS software. This causes inaccessibility of the company file that starts interfering in the work flow of the business. One resolution of this issue is by restoring the backup company file, however, before trying to restore this backup ensures that the service is running properly or there is a chance that the data constructed since last backup might get lost. If the service is not running properly, then the remedy is to restart it which will allow for the company file to open without any hassle. For this purpose, user needs to be logged in with administrator credentials.

There are also many cases, wherein after upgrading to Windows OS 10, users have been able to open their QuickBooks Point of Sale v10.0 software but faced issue in connecting to the database. For this the best tip is to uninstall the QuickBooks POS software and then reinstall it.

This should easily guide and handle the issue of not opening of company file under QuickBooks Point of Sale v10.0 after updating the desktop to Windows 10. However, in case of any issue still persisting our customer support team is on standby, all you need to do is call on Toll Free Number 1855-481-5335 or go to the website www.fastfix247.com.

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